My Hero Academia Manga Sets Up Big Todoroki Family Reveal

My Hero Academia Chapter 250 took us back to the Todoroki family, and we got a fun little get together there. Although tension still exists between the family members, Endeavor is still being redeemed slowly and with time, he’ll be completely redeemed, which is honestly something that he deserved now.

Touya Todoroki My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia – What Next For Endeavor

The manga has covered the character development of Endeavor extremely well over the course of the last 50 or so chapters, and we believe that it’s only the start for his character to improve. The next arc in My Hero Academia is likely going to have Endeavor lead from the front. As such, it’s going to be extremely great to see him develop even further, as we’re sure that it’s something Kohei Horikoshi is looking for right now.

Coming back to the Todoroki family, My Hero Academia Chapter 250’s ending revealed the face of a missing Todoroki, named Toya. Prior to this chapter, we hadn’t seen him ever before. However, there are lots of theories on who Touya is and where he is right now. According to Endeavor, Touya isn’t with them anymore. Whether that means he’s dead or if it means that he’s left them is something that we haven’t seen so far.

My Hero Academia – Who Is Touya?

Some famous theories connect Touya to, you guessed it, Dabi of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Dabi is their lieutenant, and he has the powers to manipulate flames as well, just like Endeavor. If there’s anything that fans can bet right now, it is Dabi being Touya and we think that’s where Horikoshi is heading with this reveal as well. Hopefully, we’ll have more information on it soon enough with My Hero Academia Chapter 250 heading out way next week.

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Who do you think Touya is? Do you think Dabi is connected to Endeavor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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