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My Hero Academia Manga Confirms a Shocking One For All Truth

My Hero Academia Confirms a Shocking One For All Truth

My Hero Academia Chapter 304, “Izuku Midoriya and Toshinari Yagi,” revealed something quite shocking. In this chapter of My Hero Academia, we explore some of the predecessors of the One for All. During this, Deku can have a conversation with the people who held his and All Might’s quirk before them. We witness some key mysteries unveiled in regards to One for All. And it seems like there is a lot for Deku to think about as his fall could mean the victory for All for One. Considering that Deku learns that the powerful quirk he inherited may not be passed off, it’s time to end with him.

The Aftermath of the War Arc


The War arc of My Hero Academia had adverse after-effects. The aftermath was so vicious that even though the heroes could come out victorious against the League of Villains, they still seemed defeated. The reveal made by Dabi regarding his connection to Endeavor and his family had a major psychological blow. Along with this, we even learned of Hawks’ criminal origin, and thus, we witness the pro hero society crumbling before the distrusting eyes of the public. Heroes have retired while Endeavor, Hawks, Bakugo, and Izuku are all gravely injured. Izuku is in a comatose state after All for One attempts to drain One for All away from him during the battle.

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History of One for All

As mentioned above, we head to Izuku’s inner state. Here, the fragments and flickering consciousness of the One for All predecessors no longer exist. And now, these figures can take a physical form while being able to communicate with one another. Izuku seems to be in a room where seats are set for a meeting. Here, all the predecessors of One for All await Deku’s arrival to pass on important information to him. Four months ago, Izuku’s powers had started to become stronger, during which he was able to access some of the predecessor’s powers, but now he was able to make complete contact with them. At first, he is unable to communicate with them, but he soon figures that out.

My Hero Academia Confirms a Shocking One For All Truth

One for Al predecessors.

During this meeting, we meet the fourth One for All user, Hikage Shinomori. He is the one who gives Deku danger sense. From him, we hear about his life and death. It turns out Hikage, on receiving this power, knew of All for One’s supremacy. Therefore he dedicated his turn to amass strength for future One for All users. Through this, he lasted the second-longest survivor of One for All. But as he was reaching the age of 40, a crack starts to form at his face leading to his eventual death through old age at 40. The key detail here is that someone already possessing a quirk ends up getting too much power if they inherit One for All. Therefore, Hikage’s death is proof that One for All can only be held by someone quirkless.

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My Hero Academia Shocking Truth Reveal

My Hero Academia Confirms a Shocking One For All Truth

Izuku using One for All.

In this little detail lies the game-changing reveal of My Hero Academia’s biggest hero quirk. All Might became the longest and the “true holder” of One For All was because he was quirkless. And through some miracle, he happened to find Izuku Midoriya. But, finding yet another quirkless person who deserves the mantle of One for All was nearly impossible. So, therefore he might not be able to pass on the quirk forward. This hits Izuku with the reality that he was probably the last user of One for All. So, if he were to fall in battle, All for One will have won the long-running battle. He cannot give it to a person with a quirk while the chances of finding someone deserving were slim.

To put things into perspective: My Hero Academia has established that One For All can no longer be passed on. Izuku Midoriya will most likely be its final user putting a great responsibility on him to stop All For One during his time as One for All.

You can read My Hero Academia manga on Viz Media, and you can legally watch the anime on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Funimation.

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