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My Hero Academia HERO FES 2022 Visuals Released

My Hero Academia HERO FES 2022

Great news for fans of the talented young heroes of UA. The official My Hero Academia Hero Fes 2022 which is set to take place in the summer of this year just released it’s official visual on social media! Hero Festival, which first started as an event in the year 2019, at Pacific Yokohama, will be coming back after a long two years of waiting. Fans are excited as this is the first time post the pandemic that this event is happening. 

For those who may not know, the annual My Hero Academia Hero Festival is an event that is held to promote the famous series by Kohei Horikoshi. This year, the event shall be promoting season 6 of the series. The cast of the anime gathers to discuss topics and answer questions about their experience working as the characters of the shonen series. A lot of new merchandise is also released to be sold as promotional material at the event. 

My Hero Academia Hero Fes 2022 Visual

On 27 April 2022, the official My Hero Academia page dropped a visual teasing the characters of the voice actors that will be present at Hero Fes this year, which also announced the start of pre-orders for the official merchandise this year. 

The post also reminded fans that the sales of the tickets for the lottery event will soon be starting on Thursday, 28th April 2022. The official My Hero Academia website has also been updated with the visuals and the aesthetic of this year’s event. 

The visual stars the main characters of class 1-A along with teacher Aizawa and pro-heroes Endeavour and Hawks – all in what appear to be green, suited uniforms for the event. Only 15 of the official cast will be attending the event despite the display of all the lead characters. The artwork is based on Horikoshi’s official art for the 7th anniversary of the series. 

My Hero Academia HERO FES 2022

My Hero Academia Official Art for 7th Anniversary

An official list of goods that can be purchased or pre-ordered has also been released on the website and it features badges, shirts, posters, and all kinds of merchandise featuring our favorite characters. 

When Will My Hero Academia Hero Fes 2022 Be Held?

The official My Hero Academia Hero Fes 2022 will be held on 24 July this year. The venue of the event is yet to be announced. Fans of the series can mark their dates in July for this fun and exciting festival. More details shall be released soon!

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