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My Hero Academia: Hawks’ Secret Mission

Season Five Of My Hero Academia
'My Hero Academia', C[Bones]

Are you curious about what exactly was Hawks’ secret mission? Let us have a recap of that particular episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ and then dive right into the juicy bits! Titled “Vestiges,” the second episode (which was broadcasted on channels such as JNN, MBS, NNS, Animax, and Adult Swim, along with many more) is full of a compilation of various important scenes. Directed by Shōji Ikeno, the second episode depicts that Endeavour is feeling bad about poorly treating his family while simultaneously throwing light upon Hawks and how he tries to befriend Dabi.

The last scene of this episode portrays how Izuku has gained a lot of power. Out of the blue, Izuku notices how his hand is starting to gleam, which indicates that the ‘One For All’ Quirk has finally been activated. He also finds out that one of the capabilities of the ‘One For All’ Quirk is that he can communicate with all the past users of that Quirk.

Izuku's Quirk

A Still From The Second Episode When Izuku’s ‘One For All’ Quirk Gets Activated in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season Five, C[Bones]

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Hawks’ secret mission explained!

It is true that the fans of ‘My hero Academia’ are extremely hyped up about the fifth season of the series. With such an interesting storyline, who wouldn’t have high expectations? Now that the fifth season of ‘My Hero Academia’ has started airing, the audience has realized that it was worth the wait! Hawks being a dodgy and sketchy character, in the beginning, has literally become one of the most loved heroes of this superhero Anime series. Hawks looked like a character who can switch sides at any moment. Nonetheless, as the story progresses, the viewers understand that he is not a bad guy at all. It is very cleverly depicted how Hawks just acts as if he wants to be a part of the League of Villains. He even insists on carrying out their missions, thus helping them reach their goal. This pretention was one of the key elements which highlighted the importance of the second episode (the 90th episode of the series) of the fifth season.

The Official Poster Of'My Hero Academia'

The Official Poster Of ‘My Hero Academia,’ C[Bones]

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The viewers witness Dabi and Hawks secretly meeting each other after Hood or High – End was defeated. They were discussing the dangers they will have to face due to Nomu, and hence, Hawks insists on helping the League of Villains. Although, in reality, Hawks was simply carrying out orders put forth by the Hero Safety Commission. It was a top-secret mission, and nobody could know about it. The Hero Safety Commission desperately needed to know all about the valuable and confidential information that the League of Villains were hiding from the world. Recently, they had been inflicting a lot of damage and pain on to others, and it was vital for the Hero Safety Commission to find out what they were up to. Since the heroes had no idea how to defeat Shigaraki, their current villain, they sent Hawks to join the League of Villains and learn more about Nomu while spying on them to find out how to be successful in their upcoming missions. Nonetheless, as the audience can see how doubtful Dabi is of Hawks, Hero Safety Commission’s mission is progressing really slow.

My Hero Academia Season 5  Release Date

The third episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ season five is titled “Clash! Class A vs. Class B!” and will be broadcasted on the 10th of April, in 2021, a Saturday. The producers of this superhero fantasy series have not said anything about the episode schedule of the show. Do check on our website from time to time as we will keep it up to date with the latest information on ‘My Hero Academia’!

Where can you watch the upcoming episodes of ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5?

You can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘My Hero Academia’ season five on online platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll.

A still from the second ep of my hero academia

A Scene From The Second Episode Of ‘My Hero Academia’ Season Five, C[Bones]

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