My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Release Date: Can Shoto Defeat Dabi?

chapter 352 of my hero academia
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The moment we did not want to happen, but still have been waiting for is finally here. As soon as My Hero Academia Chapter 352 will drop in, it will drop one of the biggest bombs ever in our minds. And the explosion will melt every inch of our brains. Just like the titles of the previous chapters, Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia will spread like flames. The flames of hatred Dabi has, will leave our souls burning for a long time.

We knew this would happen someday, and now that it is about to happen, it feels like we are just not ready for this. The battle between the long-lost siblings is going to leave a scar on us forever, just like the scar that remained on Shoto’s left face. Believe it or not, My Hero Academia Chapter 352 will leave us in a state beyond recovery.

Now, if you are left with questions like ‘What will happen in My Hero Academia Chapter 352?’, ‘Who will win this battle between Shoto and Dabi?’, ‘When will we get to read the Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia?’, then you are at the right place. You are going to get all your questions answered right here. So, let’s begin without any further delay.

What Happened So Far?

We are not going to talk about other characters here. We all know what we want to know from what happened so far. What we saw was Dabi’s flames of hatred towards Shoto. And we saw Shoto’s eyes full of compassion and will to save his brother from himself. Behind Shoto’s “I’m going to stop you”, his cry for his brother to bring him back is hidden, when he said, “Why didn’t you come back home?”. Dabi is lost from the very beginning. And now, it feels like the end. To Shoto’s question, Dabi tells him the reason why he didn’t come back home. All he wanted was to get acknowledged by his father. To do that Toya “Dabi” pushed himself to the limit that is beyond return. After getting recovered after 3 years, the only this he had in his mind was to be acknowledged by his father.

my hero academia chapter 352
What Happened So Far?

To his surprise, he was already dead for his family. But, as Toya died, Dabi was born with the thought that Shoto was born with everything yet couldn’t accept himself for a long time. Even though Shoto accepted everything Dabi said, he was happy to know that his big brother was always there watching him. But, these were the calm words before the raging storm.

With a distraction from Hell Spider, Dabi punches Shoto as hard as he could saying that he will never become a hero. That kind of felt like the end. But just like a hero, Shoto gets back up managing to neutralize Dabi’s punch full of the heat of his hatred. Shoto finally reveals the counter-attack he has been saving for exactly this moment. Something he came up with all by himself was “Flashfire Fist”. The fist is hot as hell and cold as ice.

Can Shoto Defeat Dabi? The Upcoming Chapter 352 Of My Hero Academia Is Already On Fire

This is something fans have been debating about for a long time. And the moment is finally here. But, what will happen exactly? The history of anime and manga always showed us the big brothers being overpowered no matter how special the little brothers are. If Shoto’s “Flashfire Fist” ends things here, then it would be disappointing, which we know is not going to happen. How? Call it gut feelings, but we all know this fight is not going to go down that easily. By the looks, doesn’t it feel like Dabi’s last fight? Dabi has been keeping himself alive just so that he can make his father feel the pain he felt all this time. And this moment feels like it. His intention is to kill Shoto to make his Endeavour feel what it feels to lose everything.

MHA Chapter 352
Can Shoto Defeat Dabi?

Shoto being the good guy will definitely try to bring his big brother back. But, why does it feel like, in the end, Dabi’s fire will end? There would be a lot of confessions, and most definitely endless tears in our eyes. Dabi, the big brother will definitely have something up his sleeves that can take Shoto down for good. But, in anime and manga, the power of friendship and love has always been greater than the power of pure hatred. So well, that sums up everything. Even though Dabi could have ended Shoto’s entire career, things will end differently.

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When Will Chapter 352 Of My Hero Academia Be Released?

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 352 will be available on 8 May 2022. Japanese fans will get the new chapter at 12:00 AM Japanese Standard Time (JST). The US fans will get it at 9:00 AM Pacific Time/ 11:00 AM Standard Time/ 12:00 PM Eastern Time. And the Indian fans will get the My Hero Academia Chapter 352 at 8:00 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

How To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 352?

You can read the My Hero Academia Chapter 352 on Shueisha’s Manga Plus Platform for free. Other manga chapters for this manga and all other major ongoing manga are available on this platform.

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