My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Release Date: The Heroes Are Ready For The Second War

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My Hero Academia Chapter 343
My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Release Date

In Chapter 342, Nezu announces that Tomura Shigaraki will be back to action in 4 days. However, Midoriya shows no fear even after the scary revelation, instead, he bluntly says that they have just enough time in hand to clean themselves up. Aren’t the heroes making things easier for the league by leaving UA willingly? Or is it the part of their plan? For now, the higher-ups are hiding the fact that the hero society is on the brink of destruction. We will see how the heroes prepare for the second war in My Hero Academia Chapter 343.

Meanwhile, Ochaco Uraraka can’t just shrug off the thoughts of Himiko. Every time she tried to focus on the bigger goal, the image of Himiko Toga popped into her head. Even Izuku is considerate of his enemies, and he keeps thinking about the child curled up in pain he saw within Tomura. Although the destruction caused by them is irredeemable, the thought of killing the villains saddens them a bit. We bring you the latest chapter updates of My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Spoilers and Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 will continue with the preparation of the heroes before the second war against the League. The UA hardly has a day or four before Tomura makes his next move, and there’s no way for compensating for the huge loss of lives. All Might and the other higher-ups have already informed the young heroes about the secret finalized plans of the upcoming war. Their reaction shows that they aren’t very sure of the plan’s effectiveness.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343
The pro heroes of Boku no Hero Academia

We will have a clearer picture of what’s going to happen next when the raw scans and spoilers of Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 343 come out. They generally surface about 2-3 days before the chapter’s official release, so be sure to check back between Friday and Saturday.

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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 342

In Chapter 342, the undercover operatives of All For One discuss their future plans. They seem pretty confident that Izuku will be driven out once Tomura Shigaraki gets back to action after 4 days. Meanwhile, at Heights Alliance, Class 1-a returns for a deserving break after relentlessly patrolling the area all day. Tenya asks everyone to quit wasting any time and get to bed immediately.

My Hero Academia Season 6
Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki

As Izuku is lamenting for not having enough free time to talk among themselves, All Might and Principal Nezu breaks into the dorm to inform them about their secret plan for the second war. In another corner of the city, Hawks, Ragdoll, Endeavor, and Best Jeanist are further discussing the same plant. Mr. Aisawa continues to watch over Kurogiri from a distance.

The next day, Nezu announces the 4-day deadline, after which Tomura Shigaraki will regain his powers. Surprisingly, Izuku doesn’t panic and calmly says that they have enough time in hand to clean themselves up. The heroes bid farewell to their family and set out towards a makeshift fortress located 30 kilometers away. Here, Izuku finds Ochaco, and he thanks her for everything she did. Brushing off the kind words, Ochaco says that Himiko’s image keeps popping up in her head from time to time.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343
Izuku and Uraraka

Even after the irredeemable destruction caused by her and the lives that are lost, Ochaco believes that Himiko is still a person. It’s true that her actions are beyond forgiveness, but Ochaco wants to understand her. Izuku can immediately relate to how he really wants to help Tomura despite the pain he has caused. They gaze at the destroyed city to keep such baseless thoughts from coming in the way of their duty.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Release Date

Chapter 343 of the My Hero Academia manga will be released on Sunday, February 13, 2022. A new chapter of Boku no Hero Academia manga is generally released every Sunday unless the weekly schedule shifts to Friday release. 

Where to Read My Hero Academia Chapter 343? 

My Hero Academia manga is published under weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which comes out every Sunday. The last three chapters are free to read, but you need to take a subscription if you want to read the entire series. We recommend you either read it from Shonen Jump or wait for the volumes instead of using pirate websites. If you are an IOS user, you can read it here. If you are an Android user, you can read it here.

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