My Hero Academia Chapter 341 Brings Back The Villains: Indicates Toga’s Next Evolution

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My Hero Academia Chapter 341
My Hero Academia Chapter 341: Himiko Toga Evolution

The world of My Hero Academia manga is going through some chaotic changes in the past few chapters. As the plot forms its base for its upcoming peak of the most awaited battles, we are met with new backgrounds and revelations that are prepared to baffle us. The manga has been one of the most read Shounen manga among Shueisha publications. After the series of events that have been taking place in U.A High since the past few chapters, the manga panels have shifted to show us what the villains are up to in My Hero Academia chapter 341. Once again, the chapter is filled with brilliant detailings pushing the story forward with some of the best illustrations.

My Hero Academia Chapter 341 was published in the 8th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. The chapter runs for 18 pages, including the cover. The chapter’s cover page features Himiko Toga covered in blood with red spider lily flowers in the background. Chapter 341 of My Hero Academia paves the way to the next step of the villains. The chapter specifically focuses on two villains, Toga and Spinner, and gives us a quick idea about their part in the story ahead. It also features Shigaraki, Dabi, Skeptic, and All For One. The chapter is the first part of a series of upcoming chapters that will probably focus solely on the villains.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 341: Summary

Chapter 341 of My Hero Academia is titled “The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part Minus 1”.

Himiko Toga

The chapter opens with Himiko Toga entering her parents’ abandoned house. The walls of the entire house are sprayed with derogatory comments made by the people about Toga, calling her Demonic and calling the house a “vampire demon’s lair”. As she walks in, she gets flashbacks of every mean thing the world has ever said to her. She goes into what used to be her bedroom and remembers her past self obsessing over some girl named Kei that she wanted to be like. She would bite herself lying on the bed as she thought of this girl while singing a song about her. After some brief moments, she comes out of her abandoned house, but Dabi calls her out. He comments on how Toga had just gotten emotional with the house, but the latter just brushes it off, saying that she was only curious about her house.

Mha chapter 341
Himiko Toga and Dabi

Dabi asks her if she is ready for what’s coming, to which she asks what it is that he’s talking about. When he clears that he’s talking about bringing the world to an end, she simply replies that it’s too late to be asking that now. Dabi chuckles and creates a ball of fire in his hands, telling her that whether they are smiling or crying, the sun will come out the next day anyway. This is why they must smile, as smiling is why they live their lives. He causes a huge explosion, and Toga implies that they might get caught. However, Dabi does not care because he believes that ety cannot do anything to them now.

Himiko Toga’s Evolution

With the effect of the explosion, Dabi falls from the window he was seated in. Amidst their talk, he tells Himiko that she’ll be able to use the quirk of those who are close to her heart when she transforms into them. Saying so, he reveals that he had taken some amount of Twice’s blood from his original body before Machia whisked them away. He hands Toga a vile of blood, and she takes it with a blush on her face.

Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga

Shuichi Iguchi

The manga panels shift to Spinner, Skeptic, and All For One are watching something. In a void-like tunnel, Shigaraki appears. Spinner asks if he is okay. All For One clarifies that Shigaraki is doing okay as he masters the Quirk Doomsday Theory. Spinner tries to confirm if he still is Shigaraki, to which he is replied with a yes. Skeptic reminds him how heteromorphs have so much grudge against the heroes. With the exposure of the Paranormal Liberation Front, many now see Spinner as their leader and follow him. Spinner tries to tell him that he is not interested in being a messiah, but Skeptic interrupts him and tells him that he must lead them, and there is no other way.

Spinner my Hero Academia
Spinner: My Hero Academia

All For One encourages him further, telling him that if he takes the first step, the others will get the courage to follow him. This is followed by Iguchi remembering that he is only here for Shigaraki. An illustration shows heteromorphs standing together. Out of many, we are also given a look at the Sludge Monster from chapter 1.

My Hero Academia chapter 341 ends with All For One telling Spinner that “Everyone can be Somebody’s Hero”.

My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Release Date

Kohei Horikoshi’s manga will be on a break in the Weekly Shounen Jump #9 issue. My Hero Academia chapter 342 will be released on 6 February 2022. You can read the chapter on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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