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My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Delayed: What Happened?

My Hero Academia Chapter 333
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 331 has recently delayed this release, but the manga will return with another chapter. America Number One Hero Star and Stripe vs. Tomura Shigaraki begins with My Hero Academia Chapter 331, with Stripe talking with the pilot guy. They both spot a mysterious villain, and the pilot guy realizes that it is Tomura Shigaraki, not All For One. My Hero Academia has entered a new era where new heroes join hands with the current heroes to take the villains down. The pilot guy talked about Tomura Shigakari’s powers and abilities with Stripe from the latest My Hero Academia Chapter.

These incidents left the two with questions and wonders about retreating or fighting with Tomura Shigaraki. But Stripe seems to be confident with her powers and decides to fight. In the meantime, Tomura had no interest in fighting, but something weird began to happen within his body. We also witnessed a version of All For One within Tomura trying to control him. The battle began when Tomura attacked the two. Several strikes miss the target since Stripe and the pilot guy manage to dodge them.

That has brought interest in Tomura since he wants to see who will land the first clean hit. But they both failed to strike each other. Stripe also had her moment where she used her Quir to trap Tomura. That Quirk is called Quirk: New Order; it hurts whoever she touches. Tomura suffered from barrages, and the pilot guy also blasted Tomura. A massive explosion occurs, and the pilot guy believes they have defeated Tomura, but Stripe knows that Tomura won’t die from those blows. This has changed everything since Tomura is about to become a new being.

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My Hero Academia-Chapter 330 Updates

After the explosion, we saw Tomura deflecting those strikes and attacking the two. But Stripe uses her Quirk to wield the lasers. Tomura’s body also gets healed after regenerating, and Tomura emerges within the Nomu and tries to get near Stripe. In the meantime, Stripe also uses Quirk: Rule that gives her two rules to smash Tomura. The first rule has super strength. But before she beat Tomura, Stripe fails Tomura with her past. At that time, Stripe was a cute young girl in danger, and a guy from Japan who visited America saved her.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331

My Hero Academia

That guy is the Legendary Hero, All Might, who also protects Stripe’s sister. In that time, no one could stand on All Might’s path, and he became famous in such a short time. Stripe liked All Might and idolized him. That made Stripe think about All Might ever since that day and consider him her spiritual master. Stripe also copied All Might’s hairstyle, and she never changed her hairstyle. Tomura gets furious that All Might is popular, and everyone always talks about All Might.

Stripe also reveals that All Might symbolizes peace. She thinks that if Tomura moves, her heart will stop beating. But the hatred with Tomura increases to another level. That made All For One gain 98% of Tomura’s body, and the two begin to evolve into one being. But that new being is not Tomura or All For One, but something different. Tomura tries to take over, but he fails as Stripe gets closer. Stripe notice that she is not facing Tomura. Stripe wants to land the killer blow before things turn bad. But this new appearance seems to be tricky for her to attack. Tomura vs. Stripe continues in the next chapter.

My Hero Academia-Chapter 331 Release Date

My Hero Academia-Chapter 331 will be released on 31 October 2021. In the end, All For One talks with Stripe through Tomura, telling her to hate him more, and this will be great for the new bright future for both sides. Tomura’s eyes change and turn white. A massive explosion happened, and some flashbacks with black rays also took place. Let’s look at My Hero Academia-Chapter 331 official updates and other latest news below.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331

My Hero Academia

Read My Hero Academia-Chapter 331 Online- Raw Details

You will be able to read My Hero-Academia-Chapter 331 online on VIZ Media’s official website. My Hero Academia’s latest chapters are available on Shonen Jump+, Shueisha’s online magazine, and releases a new chapter every Sunday. The spoilers for My Hero Academia-Chapter 331 will release this coming week. The manga delayed chapter 331, but it will release in a few days. Let’s meet when My Hero-Academia-Chapter 331 is released.

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