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My Hero Academia Chapter 330: Release Date & Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 330

My Hero Academia Chapter 330 reveals All For One and his allies. The spoilers have recently been released, focusing on All For One and other villains. From the last chapter of My Hero Academia, All Might learned the truth behind Tomura Shigaraki and All For One. They discovered the intel from Hero Killer Stain and learned that Tomura’s body would reach 100% within three days. The heroes all over the world had assembled and talked about how they will bring down the villains. The American Number One hero all appeared as they devised plans to stop Tomura and All For One. The latest chapter of My Hero Academia begins with All For One surrounded by Nomus.

All For One is sitting on his throne and said that he thanks the chaos caused by other prisoners since it helped him escape and hide. He also talked about the convicts that escaped from Tartarus prison and how they confused the police and obstructed the investigations. All For One reveals that his short-term goal was to escape from Tartarus prison. Stealing One For All is his media is his medium-term goal. After hearing what All For One said, Spinner gets confused since he thought the main goal was to get Quirk: One For All, and everything will be over.

All For One replies that it is not about that since he waited for an opportunity for all his life, but he feels he is about to obtain the One For All. The narration revealed that All Might has taken down all the criminal organizations in Japan. Despite that, many villains are still roaming around all over the world. Those villains have some connection with All For One. But no villains can do anything, and it is all thanks to the heroine “Star and Stripe.”

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 329

Heroine Star Stripe is the most robust lady in the universe and an unbreakable wall. Cut to All For One; he said it is risky since heroine Star and Stripe” get to the villains and face troubles. But if the villains can steal her Quirk, then he has nothing to worry about. All For One adds that Spinner has been working as security so far, but that will change soon. There is only one “Thing” that Spinner can do singlehandedly. On the other side of town, they post Spinner’s poster reviling that ”Spinner is our spokesperson.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 330

My Hero Academia

In that town, Spinner met with the members of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Paranormal Liberation Front members told him that the seed of Liberation would be planted continuously even though Re-Destro got captured. Tomayasu communicated with them via a phone call and told them to gather more warriors since he would turn the League of Villains into the face of Liberation. He adds that it is what Re-Destro wished for. Cut to Hawks and Best Jeanist, the two are inside the car and spoke about Star and Stripe’s arrival.

They realize that when heroine Star and Stripe land in Japan, they will talk to her about working with her. The two continue to talk, and Tsukauchi calls them. They notice a phone ring and pick it up. Tsukauchi reveals that Star and Stripe communicate with it. Star and Stripe said that she was 50 km from reaching her destination, and she met “Him”. The two wonder who and realize that it is that villain working with All For One. Before calling Tsuauchi, Star and Stripe met with that guy and talked with him, and the guy was flying.

My Hero Academia Chapter 330 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 330 will be released on 17 October 2021. During her meeting with him, that “him” is revealed to be Tomura Shiragaraki. Star and Stripe ask him if he is the villain named All For One, and Tomura Shigaraki says that “Who knows? I wonder who I am.” Star and Stripe have no clue who she met with. The chapter ends with that. Let’s look at My Hero Academia Chapter 330 official details below.

My Hero Academia Chapter 330

My Hero Academia

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Read My Hero Academia Chapter 330 Online- Raw Details

You will be able to read My Hero Academia Chapter 330 online on VIZ Media’s official website. My Hero Academia manga is available on Shueisha’s online magazine, Shonen Jump+, and releases its chapters every Sunday. The spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 330 will release this coming week, three days before the manga’s latest chapter release. This manga releases around six on VIZ every Sunday unless the latest chapter gets delayed. Let’s meet when My Hero Academia Chapter 330.

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