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The unwelcome Hero at U.A. Academy begins with My Hero Academia Chapter 326 with Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, shedding tears after hearing the speech of Ochaco Urara who won the hearts of the citizens to welcome him. This chapter will arrive this coming weekend. From the latest My Hero Academia chapter, the kids begin to recognize the young Hero who sacrificed everything to protect everyone. The citizens’ heart gets touched and begins to gather near Deku.

The Hero Party also gathered near Deku, shedding tears, and the rains continue to pour. The chapter title is ”The Bonds of One For All.” One of the kids apologizes that he was scared to come near Deku since no one supported him. The kid reveals that the lady helped him since she stood up for Deku when everyone abandoned him and told him to leave U.A. High. The boy also said he looks up to Deku and wants to be a hero like him. He adds that he is here, and there is no need for Deku to cry. Deku realizes that it is Kota and the lady helped Deku to get up.

She realizes that this is the U.A student and reveals how she suffered the same fate as Deku until they welcomed her. The lady is glad that she will get more chances to see Deku seen his matter seems to be settled after Ochaco’s speech. She calls him a ”Cry Baby Hero” and embraces him. One of the geezers told the other youngsters to listen to this young Heroes before judging them or protesting against them. The geezer also told them that the boy needs comfort, which is his last place to rest and find comfort.

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Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 325

The citizens think that the heroes walk the same part and realize that there was once a ”Legendary Hero, aka All Might.” A long time ago, a Legendary Hero All Might showed the citizens how to be a ”Hero.” All Might was an exception, and everyone cheers for him, but everyone forgets about the heart and soul that made him. But now everything got destroyed since that Legendary Hero has retired. The buildings got damaged, and many lives were lost, and it has been failure after failure. The citizens realize that putting faith and hope in heroes is challenging.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Many heroes have retired since the villains seem more formidable. But those who have a true hero’s heart decided not to give and continues to fight for everyone. The geezer asks the citizens what the remaining heroes are fighting for and what will happen to the nation if they reject them. The geezer reminds their citizens to use their heads since this is a matter of life and death. One of the citizens comments that he has heard about a guy with multiple Quirks dressed in rags, and the guy is not working for the villains, but he might be a ”True Hero.”

One of the boys asks the Heroes to tell them, and they will head back to continue with their daily lives. The boy noticed that Deku is dressed like that guy they talked about, but he is not sure if it is Deku: ”True Hero.” Deku realizes that working with everyone will help them bring it all back. Hawks and Number One Hero are glad that everything is back to its place. They recognize that One For All connects all hearts, and now it is time for payback. The chapter ends with the Heroes and the citizens on one term.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Release Date

My Hero: Academia Chapter 326 will be released on 12 September 2021. The latest spoilers of the manga’s next chapter are available on weekdays from two to three days before the latest chapter arrives on Sunday. You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 326 online officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus. The chapters of My Hero Academia are for free, but only the recent three chapters. Please visit the official platforms to support the My Hero Academia creators and publishers by reading the chapters.

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