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My Hero Academia Chapter 323 Delayed: When is it Coming Now?

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

The manga has delayed My Hero Academia Chapter 323, but it will be back on Sunday. Deku talking with his classmates and wants Tenya to set him free, but he realizes that he has lost the will to fight his friends. Ochaco unleashes her Quirk, and the two begin to fall, but Kirishima gets ready to grab them. Kirishima said that in that past, he discovers the stories of a boy who saves one of their friends from a Villain and wonders if he is that boy.

Tenya is happy that Kirishima arrived to catch them and realizes that it is Endeavor’s doings. Mina reminds Deku to come back to U.A. High for them to continue attending classes together. Deku said he intends to do that, but his presence will bring danger to everyone’s life around him. Bakugo intervenes while asking if Deku remembers what he said about Tomura Shigaraki’s destruction. Deku responds that he has forgotten everything, and Bakugo told Deku not to act alone and win this one.

He expresses how he feels about Deku. Bakugou thinks that Deku was taking them as weaklings since he heads out to face the mighty villains alone, trying to act like a true hero. He also talked about how he can surpass Deku and the dream they share ever since childhood. Cut to U.A High; the students are dressed in uniform and arrived at U. A High. Bakugo begins to address Deku as Izuku. He bows his head while apologizing for what happened in the past until this moment.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 322 Updates

In My Hero Academia Chapter 322, Bakugo comments that the path All Might, One For All, and Deku traveled is the right path, but there is a limit to what they can do alone without getting other’s help. Bakugou asks Deku to reveal what bothers him since he can wield the burden alone to his shoulder and reminds him about surpassing All Might to protect U.A High and people. Deku realizes that he was pushing away Class A and regrets underestimating them, thinking he can take All For One singlehandedly. Deku realizes that he got scared that one of them might die, and he can’t let that happen.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Deku loses consciousness when he wants to apologize, but Bakugo catches him. Later, Deku wakes up and discovers that they arrive at U.A. High No. 13 and is with them. The students got surprised when the U.A. barrier activates resembling a giant iron fortress. The students get excited after witnessing that, and they said that nothing would harm Deku, and he will remain safe due to the strength of the protective barrier. Meanwhile, the protest begins, and the citizens want Deku to leave U.A. High since Tomura Shigaraki is pursuing him.

Present Mic tries to interfere and stop them while convincing the citizens, but they insist that Deku’s presence attracts danger to the students around him. Deku got hurt by those words and decided to walk quickly while thinking about leaving U.A. High. But Ochako came to the rescue and grabbed Deku before he flees. She told him that everything will be okay and realizes that they worked hard to bring Deku back, but she can’t let their hard work get destroyed so easily since they put a lot of effort to convince Deku. Ochaco wonders who will rescue the heroes when they’re in pain.

My Hero Academia-Chapter 323 Release Date

My Hero: Academia-Chapter 323 will be released on 22 August 2021.  My Hero Academia’s latest chapter will get released every Sunday unless the manga gets delayed. The manga spoilers are available during the week, around two to three days before the latest chapter releases.

Where To Read My Hero Academia-Chapter 323?

You can read My Hero Academia-Chapter 323 online officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus. The chapter is for free but only on the latest last three chapters. Make sure to support the manga to help the creators and publishers to get better. Let’s meet on Sunday when the new chapter releases. The manga was delayed, but it is returning to its Sunday release on Sunday.

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