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Spoilers & Recap: My Hero Academia Chapter 319

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 319 will be delayed as the manga is taking a weekly break. The young Hero Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, decided to handle the matter by himself. All Might left shocked after Izuku left him and realizes that he has to rest and allows the young Hero to work without his protection. The chapter begins with the Number One Hero communicating with Deku telling him that they are changing their plans. My Hero Academia’s latest chapter is titled ”Reckless.”

Number One Hero warns Deku not to keep on running since they might get in trouble. Endeavor reminds Deku that he is the Key to all of their operations. Deku replies that his feet are still in good shape and he is fine, but he can’t let the villains prepare while watching. The Ninth Successor of One For All communicates with Izuku along with other Successors. Izuku reminds Ninth that he is still injured and must relax for his wounds to heal. Ninth, notice something, and Izuku looks back.

Meanwhile, all the Successors of One For All gathered to discuss the upcoming objectives in the other world. One For All Successors: Hikage Shinomori, Daigoro Banjo, Nana Shimura, En, and Yoichi Shigaraki have all gathered to talk about Izuku. Nana Shimura, the seventh user, comments that she is worried about the burden that Izuku is putting on his shoulders. Daigoro Banjo, the fifth user, said that the kiddo could see everything about One For All. Hikage Shinomori, the fourth user, reveals that the powers of their Quirks have made Izuku act on his motivations. The Ninth comments that the boy wants to save everyone as a ”Superhero.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Highlights

The eighth successors and Ene the six user comments that Izuku is making the right decision. En thinks that it happens to anyone who wields One For All feels the same way as Izuku feels.  The meeting cuts as the success notice that Izuku is fighting with a mysterious group of villains. Izuku jumps in and protects a lady and a man who were under the attack of the villains. Deku uses Blackwhip to punish the villains. Here, a young lady got surprised that Izuku can use multiple Quirk to fight with the enemies.

The villains realize that they have no match against the hero and retreat. Izuku asks the lady if she is hurt, but the lady is fine and wonders how a young boy wields so many Quirks. The lady asks Izuku if he is working for All For One, and Izuku replies no. The lady and the other two citizens are glad to hear that the young Hero is not working for All For One. Izuku begins to wonder what All For One wants and where is the villain’s location. Izuku realizes that he has to stop Tomura Shigaragi and the League of the Villains.

My Hero Academia


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Izuku recalls when All Might point at him and said it is Izuku’s turn. He vows that he won’t let the villains hurt anyone since he will get 100% of One For All’s powers. Izuku realizes that if he fully wields One For All at 100%, he will become a feared Hero by the villains like All Might, and everyone will live life in peace. Izuku arrived at another location and punished the villains like a piece of cake.

Deku realizes that after he finished his missions, he will smile with everyone.  A mysterious guy that looks like a villain appears in front of Deku. The guy comments that Deku is like ”him” and just the way ”he” describes him. Deku asks if the lady is the Dictator, which flees from Tartarus and other hired sniper. The guy reveals that if he takes the young Hero, he will get his ticket to freedom. Izuku told the guy to stop dreaming, and he will tell All For One’s location. The guy possesses a Quirk the makes the citizens fight with Deku.

The citizens shout that they can’t control themselves and begin to attack Deku. Deku realizes that the villain’s Quirk is Deposit that holds everyone around his area. The citizens circle Izuku, and when they were about to take off his mask, Pro Hero Hawks arrive in time. Hawks attacks with Armor Piercing Shot trying to free the young Hero. Hawks communicates with other Heroes that he has found the brat they are looking for is here. Let’s meet after a weekly break.

My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Release Date

My Hero: Academia Chapter 319 release date is 11 July 2021. You can read My Hero Academia for free officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.

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