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Read My Hero Academia Chapter 318: Preview and Recap

My Hero Academia

Today we’ll be talking about My Hero Academia Chapter 318. The young Hero Izuku Midoriya, also knows as Deku, has set out in search of the villain name Tomura Shigaraki and his leader All For One. In his way, Izuku fought with Lady Nagant, who got hired by All For One to capture him. After defeating Lady Nagant, she told them everything she knows and the hideout of All For One. The Pro Heroes led by Izuku head to the shelter but didn’t find their target. My Hero Academia updates continue as Izuku tried to locate his nemesis. The title of the chapter is ”Scars, Blood, Filth.

All Mighty told Izuku that he is his next target since All Might no longer interested him. The Pro Heroes escaped a vast blast and assembled and realizes that the explosion was for erasing the trace of The League of the Villains. Pro Hero Edge Shot asks if they got valuable information from Lady Nagant. Pro Hero Hawks replies that Lady Nagant is not in good shape, and at the hospital, they wonder how she is still alive. The Rookie Kamui Woods wonders how a woman is desperately fighting for her life.

Edgeshot questions Endeavor about the situation. Kamui suggests that they should try to gather more Heroes and strengthen their forces. Mt. Lady comments that they can leave everything to Midoriya since the incident with Nagant revolves around him. The League of the Villains got left to Izuku’s hand. Beast Jeanist realizes that most of the Heroes have hung up their costume and decided to retire. Number One Hero is worried that the media is causing after Izuku since most of the Heroes who quit leak the information. The media wants to know the truth behind One For All. They also want to know how it is related to All For One.

My Hero Academia Chapter 317 Highlights

Endeavor told the trusted Pro Heroes that they couldn’t let the world know the truth about Izuku’s Quirk: One For All. If the world finds out about One For All, Izuku will get surrounded by negativity and criticism. Pro Hero Hawks comments that they can talk the whole day about doom by doom is knocking on their door. Mt. Lady remarks that she has an idea. Mt. Laddy wonders if All For One is thinking about making public announcements about Midoriya and One For All.

Endeavor replies that if All For One does that, they will get forced to hide Deku somewhere safe. But All For One silent means something else that won’t include the media. Endeavor also said that if they sit down, nothing will happen since they are few in numbers. Number One Hero looks at his cellphone and notices that he missed calls and messages from Shoto. Endeavor realizes that he promised Shota that they would stop Toya. Endeavor apologizes since he is in the middle of real business than Toya.

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Mysterious Hero

Pro Hero Hawks wonders who Endeavor is texting to, and Endeavor head another beep. Hawks comments that it is his cellphone, and he received news from All Might that Midoriya has run into a second hired gun. Meanwhile, in another town, All Might witness the kid defeating the villain with a single blow. Izuku smashed the guy who got engaged in sniping him. All Might is impressed and notices that the sniper has no intel since he might explode. Nevertheless, it didn’t take the young Hero a minute to defeat the enemy.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Izuku tries to head somewhere, and All Might tried to stop Izuku. All Might reminds Izuku about eating and bathing. The kid reminds his idol that there is no need for him to be overprotective, and now he can handle things by himself.  Izuku realizes that All For told him that it is his turn and All Might is not on the list. All Might tries to reason with the kid. But Izuku reminds him about taking with him at 100 percent. All Might got surprised when the kid told him to tell the world that he is here.

All Might wonders what has happened to Izuku for him to say such things. Izuku realizes that All Might has been through a lot as All For One wielder, and he has to rest without worrying about him. So the boy dashed away from All Might and told him not to worry about him. All Might toss the lunch back buck it hit the well, and he broke down. A mysterious guy watched everything until the end. That guy got rumored to have the abilities for All For One or like Nome. The weird guy got caked with blood and filth, covering up his scars, but you will never think that he was once a Hero when looking at him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Release Date

My Hero: Academia Chapter 318 release date is 27 June 2021. You can read My Hero Academia for free officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus. Also, read My Hero Academia Chapter 317: Preview And Spoilers.

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