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My Hero Academia Chapter 317: Preview and Spoilers

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 317 is one of the most hyped upcoming chapter for fans. The young Hero Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, allied with the Pro Heroes to take down a group called The League of Villains; Izuku decided not to include his friends and go along with Big Three Pro Heroes to hunt for Tomura and All For One. The young Hero had a brawl with a sniper hired by All For One. Izuku proves to be more assertive with the help of All For One Successor and defeats Lady Nagant. But All For had an evil plan hidden inside Lady Nagant’s contract. My Hero Academia chapter title is ”Your Turn.”’

Pro Hero Hawks and save Nagant before she explodes. Hawks comments that he is not having Lady Nagant die on his hands. Pro Hero Number: Endeavor one arrived and told Izuku that All Might told them something. Endeavor asks Izuku if they have other enemies except for Nagant. Hawks hold Nagant and comment he should have known about this situation. Izuku notices that Pro Hero-Hawks won’t be able to fly and use Blackhwip to pull Hawks back. Izuku realizes that he is out of energy and his Blackwhip can’t hold much longer.

Pro-Hero Hawks heard Izuku revealing that All For One has bind Nagant’s body with a Quirk that causes an explosion, and it might be a trap. Nagant’s body continues to show cracks, and Hawks told her that he is her replacement. He asks Nagant to reveal to him the truth behind All For One’s secrets. Lady Nagant’s health begins to deteriorate, and Hawks asks her to leave them with clues that will lead them to the villains. Pro Hero-Hawks reminds Nagant about her role as a member of the Safety Commission.

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Highlights

Izuku wonders what the Pro Hero is saying and heard that Nagant had worked with Hawks in the past. Lady Nagant reveals that she was supposed to show up with the target to the mansion situated in Haibori forest within two months. Nagant reveals that she is not alone; all For One has gathered more allies to hunt the target. She asks Mr. Replacement if he is still the same guy she used to know. Pro Hero-Hawks smiles and realizes that he was not alone. The Number One Hero asks Deku if there is no one except for Hawks.

Chisaki notices that Nagant got captured and comments she was not supposed to get caught, which is not part of the deal. Endeavor holds Chisaki, who tried to get near Nagant. Chisaki asks them to take him to Boss, and he wants to apologize to Boss. Izuku asks Chisaki if he recalls what he did to Eri. Chisaki replies that he is talking to Nagant and everyone has to keep quiet. Chisaki realizes that Eri was something precious, and Izuku asks if he wants to apologize to Eri. Izuku told him that he would offer him in Nagant’s place if he is ready to cooperate.

Haibori Woods: All For One Speech

Suddenly the former Number One Hero arrives and asks the Kid if he is okay. The current Number One Hero replies that they have Chisaki and Nagant under their care. Endeavor also told All Might to tell the cops that they have two culprits. Pro Hero-Hawks comments that Midoriya is badly hurt and he needs care. Meanwhile, Izuku is thinking about his Quirk One For All. Beast Jeanist communicated with Hawks and talked about something. Endeavor shouts, ”Deku, don’t be reckless.”

Later a group of Pro Heros arrives in Haibori Woods led by Izuku. Izuku realizes that All For One and Tomura are too weak to steal One For All from him. The Pro Heroes enter the building and begin searching for ALL For One. Izuku arrives inside the room where he heard All For One’s voice. The voice asks if Izuku enjoys questioning Lady Nagant. Izuku looks around and saw a big screen showing All For One clapping hands for him. All For one comments that he knew Izuku Midoriya would come here.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Izuku wonders what this guy is saying, and the villain All For One said Lady Nagant did everything without no one to force her. The villains’ leader talks about how people praise the Quirks and give Izuku the speech about humanity. All For One comments that the guy who was in his mind all along is Izuku Midoriya All For One remark that he is no longer interested in All Might and points at Izuku telling him that it is his turn. Let’s meet on Sunday with new updates.

My Hero Academia Chapter 317 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 317 release date is 20 June 2021. You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 316 for free officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.

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