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Spoilers: My Hero Academia Chapter 315

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

The chapter starts with Izuku trying to catch Lady Nagant. He jumps up and dives while grabbing Lady Nagant’s left hand. My Hero, Academia Manga’s chapter is titled The Lovely Lady Nagant. Izuku realizes that his smokescreen worked perfectly the way he wanted. He notices that Nagant fell for his trap after taking the bait. Izuku comments that the best way to handle the sniper is by getting closer. He told her that she would say to him everything about All For One. Nagant remarks that it is good that Izuku has won.

Nagant fought back and said she is not telling anyone anything. She manages to roll on-air and gets out of Izuku’s trap. Nagant reveals that she learned that move from the Safety Commission. She managed to fire a bullet while looking in the opposite direction. Izuku dodged the bullet that passes below his belt and realizes that it was close. He asks Nagant why she is working for All For One. Nagant replies that she is doing her job like Izuku is doing as a Hero. Sixth within Izuki realizes that he had Nagant when he wanted her to be.

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Highlights

Sixth comments that it means Third was right about his Parallel Quirk. Izuku dodges another bullet coming from behind. He notices that the bullet passed like a rocket. Izuku continues to avoid multiple consecutive shots coming from different directions. It got revealed that a group of villains planned to terrorize the Heroes. Nagant shows how she received classified missions from the Safety Commission. Izuku listened to her story while jumping using his Blackwhip.

Nagant reveals that long long ago, Vigilantes play their part as Heroes and won people’s trust and hearts. The country allowed the Vigilantes to keep on doing their part. But Nagant was placed where the system ran nice and smoothly. Nagant revealed how she worked with the Commission and how she was faithful to them until she got tired. One day, the president argued with Nagant and told her that she could not escape this job. Nagant lost control of herself and had a braw with the president.

Lady Nagant’s Past

In the present, Izuku asks Nagant if she killed the president of the Safety Commission. He realizes that the death of the president didn’t even make the news. Nagant, confess that she killed the president, and the Safety Commission hid the truth.  She explains about the Superpowered Society and how everyone sees everything as an illusion. Nagant told Izuku that history wouldn’t change no matter what he does. Izuku works with the FiFth and unleashes the Fifth Point Focus that almost took Nagant down.

Nagant realizes that Izuku analyses her move based on her shot trajectories. She thinkings that she was not severe, and now it is time to focus. Izuku attacks Nagant while giving her a speech, and she replies that his teacher made a brilliant job since education did wonder for Izuku. He realizes that he is not alone in this battle, and he has back up of Pro Hero, who will arrive soon. Izuku decided not to give up since he wanted to know All For One’s location and other villains.

Nagant notices that Izuku is focusing on reading her patterns and evading them. Nagant decided to show Izuku that All For One made the right choice by choosing her to hunt Izuku. She unleashed a powerful shot, and Izuku heard a voice of a guy saying, ”You done yet? I’ve got to get to the Boss.” He looks up and notices the guy looks like Chisaki. Izuki wonders if that guy is Chisaki. The gut at the top seems to have lost his memories had he not aware of who Nagant is fighting. Nagant aims to blow her target with her next shot.

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 will release on 6 June 2021, Sunday. You can also read My Hero Academia Chapter 314 for free officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.

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