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Spoilers: My Hero Academia Chapter 314

My Hero Academia

The chapter starts with All Might driving his car heading to where Izuku is. The chapter is titled High-Speed-Long-Range Mobile Connon. All Might notice something, and he increases the spread of his care while making the car dodges over something. During his speeding, everywhere he passes, things explode. All Might realizes that if he gets hit, he will explode along with the car. He notices that he dodges a massive explosion and comments that any car besides Hercules here would have been blown.

He saw two hooded men jumping over his car and realizes that they are not mere villains. All Might notice that the two villains are attacking with the intent of killing. He realizes that these two villains are just a diversion, and they are trying to split him up with the boy (Izuku). All Might get out of his car and decided to face those two villains. The first one wearing glasses comments that it is All Might. The second one wearing a mask, replies that they must not forget what they are here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 313 Highlights

The second hooded villain wearing a breathing mask comments that All Might’s body is wasted. He told the first one that the real All Might died in the past, and they blow All Mighty’s care with explosives. The first one comments that the second one is right, and they have to take this skinny guy down. But he is confused since the skinny All Might talk like the real All Might, and the speech is the same. All Might realizes that he has promised Izuku’s mom that he will keep an eye on Izuku and protect Izuku even if it cost his life.

He told the villains to stand aside and realizes that the hired sniper is targeting Izuku. The villains got afraid hearing All Might talking with a scary voice. He told them that the boy is his priority and the day anything happens to that kid, it is the day he dies. The two villains trip and fall on their back while All Might walks towards them. Meanwhile, Izuku is using Blackwhip to zigzag towards Lady Nagant. He realizes that nothing will happen if he kept on running and decided to face her.

Sixth Full Blast

Izuku thinks Lady Nagant can’t move like the way he does while using One For All. He calculated the distance and feels that he will reach there before she repositions herself. Izuku believes that he will capture Lady Nagant and make her reveals the truth about All For One and Shigaraki’s location. But he got attacked from behind, and he manages to jumps before the attack hit him. Izuku thinks that he can’t be attacked from behind using Remote Control Quirk. He wonders if Nagant has come with backup.

Izuku is disappointed with himself that he didn’t consider those matters. He realizes that All For One has given Lady Nagant a contract with something extra, and it might be a new power or a Quirk.  Izuku tries to think how he will outsmart Lady Nagant and knows that she wants to capture him alive. But she might be gaming to make him lose consciousness since she knows that if he is unconscious, he will fight back. Izuku is worried that the Forth can’t help him react faster, but an idea came to his mind.

He unleashes the Sixth Full Blast, and Nagant got surprised by Izuku’s speed. She realizes that Izuku has multiples of Quirks. Lady Nagant comments that this kid has some hidden secrets. Izuku communicates with the Ninth, who told him to control the smoke and give him some tops to counter Lady Nagant. Izuku replies that he is not trying to escape, but he is buying some time for now. Ninth reveals that Izuku is fighting with a high-speed, long-range mobile cannon, and he must be careful. Lady Nagant fires and comments that Izuku won’t get away even though he is hiding in smoke.

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 will release on Sunday, 30 May April 2021. You can also read My Hero Academia Chapter 313 for free officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.

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