Spoilers and Preview: My Hero Academia Chapter 307

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My Hero Academia

All Might attempt to sense Deku Izuku Midoriya’s conversation with the One For All inheritors. Meanwhile, Hawks and Beas Jeanist are still looking for the answers. They encounter All Might inside the room where Deku is. All Might reveals that Deku will gain consciousness soon. They both head out to talk about something. Deku’s classmates are keeping an eye on him while the trio chats. The last chapter of this month of My Hero Academia is titled The Final Act, take a look below.

Hawks asks All Might about One For All and Deku’s connection to it. He said most of the retired Heroes heard the name One Fore All during the battle. The media mentioned One For All, and it began spreading all over the world. Hawks reveals that Endeavor told them that Tomura Shigaraki was targeting Deku. He told All Might to reveals the truth before anything bad happens. Hawks worry that they still have to fight with the villains, and civilians have high expectations of them.

My Hero Academia Chapter 306 Highlights

All Might realizes that they don’t have to hide the truth since it is causing more people to panic. He decided to head somewhere with the two to tell them everything. At the same time, at U.A. High School, Principal Nezu requested the government to help them. After three days, the citizens are still panicking, but Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist address the public at a press conference.

Endeavor talks about Dabi’s confessional of his family’s past and himself. He reveals the truth that the civilians have been yearning to know. Hawks clears the misunderstanding for the confused press to understand what was happening. He also reveals about Best Jeanist’s death that was faked. That was done for Beast Jeanist to infiltrate the League of Villains as a spy. The rest of the rumors and all of the allegations are true. Hawks apologizes for hiding the truth about his criminal father.

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My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Press Conference

He reveals that he killed Twice since it was the only choice he had. His Double Quirk poses a danger to the public, but he failed to stop him, and he is feeling embarrassed about it. One of the reporters confronts the Heroes asking about her mother that was badly injured during Gigantomachia’s rampage. He also talked about the number of innocent people killed and the homes lost during the battle. He told them to stop easing their pain and take responsibility for their actions.

Endeavor told the reporters that he is aware, but this is how they are trying to atone for their sins. Best Jeanist also comment it has become harder for them to protect everyone since many heroes are resigning. But they are planing on protecting everyone, and the U.A. High and other hero programs are also planning something. They will offer their campuses as places and shelters for civilians in need to evacuate there. The parents of the students have already made their move to stay there safely.

The reporter comments that staying at U.A High with no plan of moving forward in life is useless. Endeavor jumped in and said they are doing this because of the state they are in. He told them to bring all the worries to him, and they will see what he will do to help them. Endeavor told them just to watch him as he fixes everything and brings peace. The heroes are ready to rise and do their duty again even though most of them are no longer working. They decide to fight for justice and protect the civilians.

Huge Villain

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Dabi has been laughing since his plans didn’t go that far. At the same time, the reporters continue to questions the Heroes. They ask about One For All. They want to know what is One For All, and Endeavor reveals that he does not know about One For All. But they want to protect Deku and All Might. At the Heights Alliance, Class 1-A students are surprised to receive a letter coming from Deku. The letter talks about the truth behind One For All, how All For One and Tomura are targeting him.

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They will leave because of All For One and Tomura Shigariki; the students got confused after reading the letter. Ochaco is surprised and not feeling at ease. Around April in a mysterious city, lonely dejected Deku is wearing braces on his arms. Deku’s neck is wrapped with Gran Torino’s scarf; all of a sudden, he saw a huge villain attacking. Deku has left the Hero Academy.

My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Release Date & Where To Read Online?

My Hero Academia Chapter 307 date will release on Sunday, 28 March 2021. This Manga releases new chapters every Sunday. Find how Deku has a conversation with the inheritors here on: My Hero Academia Chapter 306 was released on Sunday. That what the highlights and updates have to offer. As soon as the spoilers are available, we will update them. Read My Hero Academia for free officially on  VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus.

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