What To Expect From My Hero Academia Chapter 305?

My Hero Academia

Inside Deku’s room, All Might attempt to look for Deku’s One For All within Deku. At the same time, Deku recalls the battle he fought with Tomura. He is wondering if others are safe, and he appeared in a vestige world. There he encounters the users of the One For All sitting on chairs waiting for him. The second and the third user facing the opposite direction. Please take a look at more updates of My Hero Academia below.

The first user reveals how they managed to connect with Deku within his consciousness. But that happened in the last four months. He reveals that the power has been increasing, and it has reached the limit that the vestiges will have freedom in moving. They all gained the power to communicate with each other at any moment.

My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 305 date will release on Sunday, 14 March 2021. The next chapter will be available on Sunday. Get more about Deku on My Hero Academia Chapter 304 was released Sunday. Soon we will be looking at the chapter’s highlights below. The spoilers of My Hero Academia Chapter 305 will be released three days before chapter 305 hits.  The spoilers will be updated as soon as they are released.

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 Highlight

The first user also talked about All For One, who attempts to get his hands on One For All. Daigoro Banjo comments that Deku will always be protected. Deku wanted to talk with other users, by he finds that his voice is not working properly. But he communicates with the users using muffled speech. Hikage Shinomri, the 4th user, takes with Deku.

He reveals that he is stunned by the recent emergence of Deku’s Quirk: Danger Sense. Daigoro teases Hikage, and he wanted to ask Deku about his death and age. Deku realizes that he was 40 years at the time of his death, and All Might notes the cause of his death. Hikage reveals about All Might, researches, and finds that  One For All is not meant to be held by a normal human.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Quirkless All Might

Hikage reveals that he and All Might are the ones who possess One For All the longer than anyone. He has spent 18 years passed by One For All. Hikage said he avoided All For One and trains in secret after realizing that he has no match against All For One. He also said that he was preparing One For All for someone who will use it better in the battle to defeat All For One. But the Quirk damages his body and finds that multiple Quirks have destroyed his life.

They thought that it was a disease, but after the research, All Might find how dangerous it is for a person to hold different Quirks. Deku is surprised, wondering how long All Might has been passed by One For all. The First User reveals that All Might acted wisely after knowing that young users had died young in battle. But All Might was different with everyone. Deku concludes that it means All Might was Quirkless.

The First User also reveals that everything was passed to All Might as he lives. The battle that All Might faced and the encounters with  All For One have strengthened his vestige. He also revealed how the 7th and 2nd successor played a role in All Might’s life. All Might became more powerful and held on One For All for 40 years since his vessel was empty. But Hikage’s lifespan was shortened due to warping, spilling over, and the vessel within the Quirk.

The Last successor of One For All

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

The users reveal that the ones who lacked power, in the beginning, are the ones who can wield the value of true powers. They also talked about the previous Quirks that have begun manifesting. One For All can no longer be transferred anymore. The First User says that it is caused by Quirkless individuals gradually vanishing every year. But fate has made Deku the one who bestowed the power.

But they didn’t have the means to communicate with Deku, and that would have helped them stop people from dying. Daigoro reveals that the last successor of One For All might end up being Deku. Nana Shimura questions Deku if he will be able to eliminate Tomura Shigaraki. Earlier, Hawks asks Endeavor about the meaning of One For All. Endeavor realizes that Deku mentioned something about it during the battle.

He told Hawks that Deku knows the answer about One For All. Hawks heads to Deku’s room and finds that he is still unconscious. But he was told that All Might is busy with Deku. He has ordered that no one should disturb him since he is on a special assignment. We will find more about Deku in the upcoming chapter. Stay tuned for more updates every Sunday. Please read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia officially on  VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus for free.