My Hero Academia Chapter 210 Expectations – Shinso And Monoma Strategy

You can tell just by the ending of the last chapter that something will happen in One For All quirk. Shinso seems to be foreshadowed to do something in this round. It seems like, with the awakened memories of the former OFA owners, All For One also has something stirring for him. Will Deku get himself and the others in trouble because of something that is happening to his quirk? How will Deku and his team fight in My Hero Academia chapter 210?

My Hero Academia chapter 210

The fifth and the last round for the Joint Training arc is finally starting. Deku’s team is likely to center at him being the leader, and also because he is the hard hitter. Deku got Mina, Mineta, and Ochaco on his side, all of them have support quirks that need a little scheming to combine together harmoniously. On the other side, there is Monoma, who can copy anyone’s quirk, Yanagi (Poltergeist) and Shoda (Twin Impact) with unseen quirks, and Kodai (who can shrink herself half of Bondo’s size and also make herself larger). Tagging with them is Shinso with his Brainwashing quirk.

Shinso is planning to take advantage of Monoma’s quirk. Since Deku is the only one who can do hard damage, it seems like they will focus on him. If Shinso let Monoma copy his quirk, there would be a problem in Deku’s side. The problem is not Shinso, but Monoma, because seriously, who can ignore that guy? Deku and the others will be easily provoked by Monoma and before they know it, they are under his control.

Also, for some reason, All For One can hear Deku’s voice (or maybe his brother’s) even though he is far away. Since All Might is alerted of All For One’s suspicious behavior, he might get involved in this battle. If I’ll think of a strategy that can work with Deku’s group, Deku will lure the enemy to a trap that Ochaco will set up using her quirk. Ochaco will launch them up somewhere where Mineta placed his sticky hair. Mina will likely be the last support should the plan fail by using his acid. That’s it for My Hero Academia chapter 210 expectations. Hopefully, we’ll get a clear explanation about what’s happening on Deku’s One For All.

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