My Hero Academia Chapter 208 Review: Bakugo Katsu!

My Hero Academia Chapter 208 was very different from what we’ve been seeing recently, and I really liked the content that we got this week. First of all, I didn’t expect the fight to conclude within one chapter. All the fights that we’ve seen so far have been so dragged out and long that it feels as if they get too boring at a point. Not with this fight though.

My Hero Academia Chapter 208 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 208 Review

This chapter was everything that I wanted from My Hero Academia. We all needed a chapter that was explosive and gave us great fights right off the bat. What better character to pull it off than Bakugo. He’s a real monster and he’s come so far in terms of power, and maturity as well. Bakugo was someone really selfish at first, but then he started to change and after acknowledging Midoriya, he’s a different person altogether.

He trusted his teammates, and they trusted his judgment. He was prepared for everything. While Tokage’s plan was good, she didn’t know about the new Bakugo that we saw and that’s what became the reason for their defeat. Class A’s teamwork was so fluid that even the other students were surprised at how well they we’re handling stuff. Bakugo led then to a perfect victory, and his stun grenade move just knocked Tokage out of commission.

This fight is done and dusted. We’ll likely see the next fight begin in the next chapter of My Hero Academia, but I think we’ll get bit more information on Bakugo and the others first. I’m sure Midoriya has picked up.a few things from this as well. He is someone who notices things very keenly and he was so impressed and surprised by Bakugo. He’s also someone who looks up to Bakugo.

I hope Horikoshi is able to maintain this level of consistency in My Hero Academia as it goes on. The manga hasn’t been all that great lately. It was okay, but way below what we had expected. Let’s hope Horikoshi delivers more chapter like the recent My Hero Academia chapter.

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