My Hero Academia Chapter 207: Tokage’s Powers!

My Hero Academia’s current arc is finally getting interesting, in my opinion. We had lots of side characters play a role in the previous matches, and while that is good for maintaining a level of consistency and developing all the characters, at the same time, you just don’t feel that connected with them. The match between Team 1-A which included the likes of Iida and Todoroki changed that for me.

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 Release Date

I think the last few chapters have been great and it can get even better from here on out. We now have Bakugo stepping into action and remember, he has been out of action for quite some time now. We haven’t seen much of Bakugo after the Provisional Hero License Exams arc, while Midoriya got a lot of development. Bakugo says that he’s gotten stronger, so we have a chance of seeing how far he has come.

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 Spoilers

In the next chapter of My Hero Academia, the next round will finally kick off, and all eyes will be on Bakugo and Tokage. We were introduced to Tokage recently, and she looks like a person who can pose some serious threat to Bakugo. She is also the strongest in their group, and I think Bakugo will go up against her. The thing is, she doesn’t have to be stronger than Bakugo to win.

As we were told in the previous chapter, she plays dirty. Managing to win against such a character is going to be hard even for Bakugo. I hope that Bakugo takes this fight by its throat and shows us how far he’s come. I’ve missed seeing him in battle, and I think it is his time to shine. The next chapter will probably have Class B at an advantage first, but they’ll slowly pick up the pace, in my opinion.

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 will return next week in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 52. The chapter will be out officially on 26 November 2018. The scans will be out by 23 November 2018. Please support the official release.

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