My Hero Academia Chapter 207 Official Spoilers – The All New Bakugo

It’s been a while since Deku and Bakugo had their fight. Bakugo¬†also took special classes in order to qualify for the provisional hero license that he failed way back. Did he manage to have to fix one of his greatest flaws? We will find out in My Hero Academia chapter 207 official spoilers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 Official Spoilers

To start the chapter, Vlad will tell everyone that even though Class A and Class B have an even match (round 1 win for Class A, round 2 wins for Class B, and a tie on third round), Class A managed to win because of Shinso’s help. He goes on by asking “Can you really consider this an even match?” Of course, Kirishima and the others will be triggered (that’s not surprising, giving Vlad’s remarks since the first round). But instead of taking Vlad’s challenge, Eraserhead will tell them that Vlad had prepared Class B better than him.

As usual, Bakugo is leading his team with a bossy attitude. He will tell them to follow him and support him while he leads. Sero will comment that the other team has a lot of counterattack abilities. Bondo has a glue that can immobilize them. Awase’s quirk, Weld, can be used in a lot of ways. Kamakiri and Tokage have awesome quirks too. Bakugo will reason out that that is the reason why they need to attack first.

Jiro will investigate using her earphone jack, but she will be attacked by a loud sound. Doing the reconnaissance is Tokage, who can split herself into 50 pieces. That’s some Master Level Buggy skills. Meanwhile, Sero will make a tape barricade, but Bondo and Kamakiri will attack it with glued pipes. As expected, Bakugo will blast them all away. Jiro will be attacked by Kamakiri, but Bakugo will come to save her.

“Save to win. Win to save, I’m stronger than before.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 Official Spoilers

Bakugo is finally learning how saving is also winning. That’s it for My Hero Academia chapter 207 official spoilers. It seems like this arc will last for a while. I can’t wait for Deku’s battle against Shinso and Monoma. Hopefully, we’ll get an answer about what’s happening in One For All.

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