My Hero Academia Chapter 207: Bakugo vs Tokage

My Hero Academia Chapter 206 dropped today, and I think it was a decent chapter, but the ending was a lot better. I predicted earlier that Chapter 206 would see Bakugo explode into action. I was surprised to see the battle of third-round continue. Based on the translations that I had read, the battle was declared as a draw, so I don’t know what happened there.

My Hero Academia chapter 207

Also, it was disappointed to see the battle still end up in a draw after being a bit dragged. Anyway, it was over pretty quickly, and we then saw the team realize their shortcomings. Todoroki and Iida both want to improve severely and they both acknowledged what the other did in battle. I liked this part. Towards the end of the chapter, we saw Bakugou’s team get ready and apparently, Bakugou has some crazy plan in his mind. He looks dead set on proving his superiority to Deku.

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 Spoilers And Release Date

So, what’s going to happen in the next chapter of My Hero Academia? Well, of course, we’ll find out next week, but I’m willing to speculate that Class A will be on the back-foot here. They’ve been on the back-foot for almost every fight now, and the same goes for this one. We were told about Tokage and how she plays dirty. I think she won’t be all that powerful, but not weak by any means. On top of that, she plays dirty, so she doesn’t even need to be the strongest.

She is the highlight of the Class B team for this round, and I think Bakugou will realize that despite being stronger than her, he cannot defeat her easily. Her wits will definitely even out the competition in my opinion, and even though Class A has Bakugou, Class B won’t back down. My early prediction for this round is a victory for Class A.

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 will return next week in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 52. The chapter will be out officially on 26 November 2018. The scans will be out by 23 November 2018. Please support the official release.

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