My Hero Academia Chapter 206 – The Fourth Round Begins

In the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, Todoroki created his rendition of hell (literally) during his fight against Tetsu Tetsu. He surpassed Endeavor’s firepower, who is now the number one hero. Honenuki stopped Todoroki, but Iida is quick to save Todoroki. With Tetsu Tetsu and Honenuki’s combined attack, the two was prevented from escaping. In My Hero Academia chapter 206, the fourth round is expected to start.

My Hero Academia Chapter 206 – And The Winner Is…

Even though Iida, Todoroki, Tetsu Tetsu, and Honenuki were all knocked down unconscious, we don’t know what happened to Pony, Ojiro, and Shoji. There is no telling if the battle ended up in a draw. For all we know, Iida managed to take Kaibara away and jail him because he managed to help Todoroki after coming back. That’s a point for Class 1-A. We will officially know the result of the battle (or if it is over) in My Hero Academia chapter 206.

Meanwhile, it seems like the fourth round for this training arc is going to start next chapter. Class A got Sato, Sero, Jiro, and Bakugo in their team while Class B got Awase, Kamakiri, Tokage, and Bondo. Aware’s quirk is Weld, which lets him fuse two objects together at the atomic level. Kamakiri’s quirk is Razor Sharp, which seems to have something to do with blades. Tokage’s quirk is Lizard Tail Cut, which is still unknown. Last but not least is Bondo, who reminds me of the Pokemon “Regice.” His quirk is Cemedine which enables him to fire liquid from his head that hardens very fast.

It’s kinda hard to predict what kind of teamwork will Class 1-A show in this battle since there seems to be no compatible quirk combination among the members. Moreso, Class 1-B’s quirks are still unknown, which is another handicap for the Class 1-A. With Bakugo’s leadership, how will the Class 1-A prevail? We will know more in My Hero Academia chapter 206.

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