‘My Hero Academia Chapter 206’ Official Spoilers – Another Recommended Student?

After the fiery fight, the battle between 1-A and 1-B’s third group is finally concluded in My Hero Academia chapter 206. What is the result and who won the battle? Will there be an additional information about Class 1-B? We will find out here in My Hero Academia chapter 206 official spoilers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 206 Official Spoilers

Just like what the final note said in the previous chapter, the battle ended up with a tie. According to My Hero Academia chapter 206 official spoilers, Todoroki cannot move while Iida injured his one leg after Honenuki’s last attack. Just as when Ojiro got the chance to get Honenuki, Pony used her horn to send him to jail. Iida, Honenuki, Tetsu Tetsu, and Todoroki were all out of commission. Sen and Ojiro were sent to jail, which makes each team score 1 point. The two remaining players were Pony and Shoji.

Pony tried to get Todoroki while also carrying her teammates, while Shoji is trying his best to keep up. But with three people on her control, Pony is being slowed down, so she can’t really put Todoroki on jail or save her other teammates. She decided to head up high where Shoji cannot reach him until the time ran out. Nobody won and nobody losses, but the two teams got no bad blood with each other during their conversation inside the nurse room.

As per the My Hero Academia chapter 206 spoilers, the fourth round begins. Monoma is high-spirited because there would be another recommended student in group 4 of the 1-B class. It seems like the other recommended student is Setsuna Tokage, who got the “Lizard Tail Cut” quirk. There is still no information about this quirk, and we’re likely to see it in action in the later next chapters. Meanwhile, Bakugo¬†is already fired up, telling Midoriya “Watch close, shitty Deku!” before going into the battle. Hopefully, we will see another decisive battle in the next chapter.

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