My Hero Academia Chapter 204 – What We Expect

In the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, Honenuki became the greatest obstacle for Class 1A. He uses the abilities of his team flexibly to stop 1A in their track. Even Todoroki cannot do a thing because of Tetsutetsu’s close-combat advantage. It seems like Iida will be the one to fight him in My Hero Academia chapter 204, but will he successfully land an attack on him?

My Hero Academia Chapter 204 – Iida VS Honenuki?

Because of Honenuki’s quirk and splendid planning, even Todoroki was caught off-guard. It seems like UA 1-A never did their homework and are caught off-guard by 1-B’s quirk. Seeing it once, they only assumed that Honenuki’s quirk is to make the ground soft, and not anything else. That’s why Todoroki used his ice instead of his fire even though that’s a better option. But because of this, Iida had time to shine in the previous episode and will continue in My Hero Academia chapter 204.

It’s been a while since we see Iida having the spotlight by himself. Even Ojiro and Shoji have been on the sideline for so long. Iida might have to fight Honenuki while the other 1-B members are being distracted by 1-A members. In this way, 1-A will be able to gain their ground, and no one will be able to get their mobility. His only problem is that, even though he is successful in getting Honenuki near him, it is still hard for him to land an attack. Honenuki can make his armor soft by touching him, and then undo the softening to make the deformed armor hard again, totally killing Iida’s mobility.

My Hero Academia 204

That would be a greater problem for 1-A. It is seen in the last chapter that Todoroki doesn’t really learn Endeavor’s technique yet because of his habit of seen-zone-ing his father. But it is expected that because of his desperate¬†situation, he might be able to learn the gist of it in My Hero Academia chapter 204¬†and might find a reason to finally reply to his father.

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