My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Release Date, News Updates

My Hero Academia took a break last week, and it’ll be back this week with an explosive chapter. Previously, we saw an end to the fight between Yaoyorozu’s team and Kendo’s team. It was fascinating to see then fight, and both of them have progressed a lot.

my hero academia 203

My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Spoilers

Now, we’re looking forward to one of the most interesting fights in the series, and that’s the fight between Todoroki’s team and Tetsu Tetsu’s team. We all know that Tetsu Tetsu is mighty. Back the sports festival, we saw him going head to head against Kirishima, and they were level. Since then, of course, Kirishima has come very far and even fought some mighty foes. But I’m hoping that Tetsu Tetsu has also made improvements, and is now strong as well. I expect a great fight to ensue here, but it definitely won’t wrap up within one chapter.

Todoroki may not resolve to using his full power at first, but I think as the battle goes on, he’ll be forced to use what his father has taught him. In the previous chapter, it was hinted that Endeavor was passing down his powerful technique to Todoroki. Whether or not he managed to learn it remains to be seen, but I think that he’ll unleash it here, without a doubt. Even if it is a weaker version of the same technique, I think he’ll end up using it, and that’s what will secure the victory for him and his class.

My expectations for Chapter 203 of My Hero Academia are very high, and after a long break, I think Horikoshi will come back with an excellent chapter. Just a few more days, and then we’ll find out what happens next.

My Hero Academia Chapter 203 will return next week in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 48. The chapter will be out officially on 29 October 2018. The scans will be out by 26 October 2018. Please support the official release.

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