My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Official Spoilers Are Out

In the last chapter of My Hero Academia, Todoroki and Honenuki both know that the fight will be a straightforward brawl. Both of the teams have members with close range quirks. In My Hero Academia chapter 203, Todoroki will fight against the other recommended student, Honenuki, who is just the person that can counter his hybrid quirk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Official Spoilers

As expected, Honenuki is the greatest threat from Class B’s third group. His quirk is not the best match for Todoroki and all the close-range combatants of UA 1A. Pony can create horns and use it as a homing device to pin other enemies. Sen’s quirk can make his body rotate and use it just like Gurren Lagann’s Giga Drill Breaker. Tetsu Tetsu is the old Tetsu Tetsu.

Todoroki will try to use his ice to defend, but his Ice Wall was destroyed by Honenuki, who can soften any non-living things. Ojiro will try to attack, but the scaffolding that he was standing was softened by Honenuki. Because of this, he fell into the Sen’s attack while Iida is caught in the softened ground. Pony uses two horns to prevent Shoji from fighting while another pair of horns helps Tetsu Tetsu in cornering Todoroki.

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Honenuki wondered why Iida doesn’t use his power to break out from the softened ground. His Recipro Burst can do the job, but the Recipro Burst can only be used in a certain amount of time, that’s what Honenuki deduced. Iida answered “Time Limit? Ingenium can always rush to where he needs to be! For that reason, I’m always on full throttle!” He will then use a new special move called Recipro Turbo to get out.

And that’s it for My Hero Academia chapter 203. Class 1-B is on fire, and their quirks seem to be a bad match for some of 1A students. It is exciting to see what would happen to the next matches.

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