My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Delayed: New Release Date

In this post, we are going to be talking about My Hero Academia 203. In the last chapter of My Hero Academia, the third team for Class 1A and Class 1B will finally meet each other in the stage. Class 1A will have Todoroki as their leader while Class B will be led by another recommended student: Juzo Honenuki. In My Hero Academia chapter 203, who will break the balance in this joint exercise?

My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Release Date

The manga is on break this week, so we need to wait for another week to read My Hero Academia chapter 203. The joint training arc might stay for a little longer, and there’s no indication where it will lead into, but there are a lot of noteworthy happenings last chapter. Even All Might is thinking about Shinso, his quirk, and its relation for One For All. It is also seen that Bakugo is becoming aware of Midoriya as his proper rival.

Class 1A and Class 1B sent off their own teams for the third round of the joint exercise. Tetsutetsu wants to bulldoze everything, unlike all the other strategies seen in the previous rounds. This might be a good idea for Class 1B because team 1A  is composed of close-combat fighters with the exception of Todoroki who uses his quirks to become untouchable.

My Hero Academia 203

UA 1B Team 3’s quirks are mostly not seen in the anime and manga except for Juzo, who can make everything he touches soft. The other one is Sen Kaibara, who has a quirk named “Gyrate.” He can make everything spin or rotate. Tetsutetsu is plain old Tetsutetsu,  while Pony’s quirk has something to do with her horn. It is named “Horn Cannon,” but who knows how she does the cannon. Their quirks, when combined, can be a pretty nasty combination for the close-range fighters of 1A, especially now that they can’t really combine quirks with Todoroki.

my hero academia chapter 203

Todoroki might bring something new in the table in My Hero Academia chapter 203, given that it was hinted that he learned something from his father last chapter. One interesting thing is that this technique was supposed to be for his eldest brother, Touya. More and more of the mysteries are being unveiled in the manga. Hopefully, we can see more revelations, as well as some action, in the next chapter.

As I mentioned earlier, My Hero Academia 203 will be coming out next week.

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