My Hero Academia Chapter 202 Spoilers – The Other Recommended Student

This week, we will finally see new teams that will fight in the arena in My Hero Academia chapter 202. UA 1B was victorious against Momo and co. by using Kinoko’s Mushroom quirk effectively. In this chapter, we will see Tetsutetsu and his group clash against Todoroki’s group. Who will win?

My Hero Academia Chapter 202 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 202 slowed things a bit with in the training exercise. Instead of fighting immediately, it was shown how Tokoyami’s injury from Kinoko will be treated by Recovery Girl. The injury is more serious than it looks. Eraser and Aizawa then warned everyone that serious injuries like this must be avoided starting the third round. Meanwhile, Shinso remarked that Tokoyami’s injury was not a friendly one from 1B.

Tokoyami was frustrated and disheartened about the result of the match. He, who interred with the No. 2 Hero, was not able to do anything. Todoroki will try to comfort Tokoyami and will think about how heavy the No. 1 and No. 2 hero title must be. The third fight will begin and it seems like there will be a lot more action to shake the balance of both class, who already have one win.

In team 1A, we have Todoroki, Iida, Ojiro, and Shoji. Meanwhile, in 1B, we got Tetsutetsu (same quirk as  Kirishima), Kaibara (his quirk is Gyrate), Tsunotori (her quirk is Horn Cannon), and Honenuki (the one who looks like a Titan and can make anything soft).  It is worthy to note that he is the other recommended student (with Todoroki and Momo) to enter UA. Since Honenuki is a recommended student, he is expected to be the leader of the team. It’s kinda not hard to see that this battle might center to Todoroki and Honenuki.

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Surely, 1B has grown and became stronger. But 1A also worked hard to be stronger than before. Todoroki will have a look back to when Enji told him that this someone (a certain あいつ, or “Aitsu” from the spoilers) has more powerful fire output because his fire has colder nature. Enji might be pertaining to Shoto’s eldest brother. However, Todoroki will tell himself that he is Shoto and that he need to use his own power in any way to get stronger.

Iida is also fired up in this chapter. Although he is not still worthy of carrying the word Ingenium, he will still show how his improvements. And that’s it for My Hero Academia chapter 202 spoilers. Stay tuned for more spoilers.

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