My Hero Academia Chapter 201 – Momo’s Revenge

In the last chapter of My Hero Academia, Momo was seen fighting a one on one battle against Class 1B’s Kendo. Unfortunately, all of her teammates were separated, and it seems like she needs to rely on her quirk alone. Will she be able to talk advantage of this moment and show the growth of her quirk? We will know more on My Hero Academia chapter 201.

My Hero Academia Chapter 201 – Momo And Kendo Fights

Although Momo can make any material thing that she knows, there’s one thing that makes her quirk vulnerable: her slowdown during the creation time. Her quirk also depends on her body lipids, that’s why she needs to be precise every time she uses her quirk. That’s why Kendo’s rapid attack strategy is one of the strategies that can take down Momo. If Kendo sent barrages of attack to Momo, the 1A student would not have time to think and create something.

The best step that I can see for Momo is to try and make a handcuff to restrict Kendo’s quirk. She can create something to bind Kendo and her arm to restrict her quirk from working overall. And she can also make a very dense and heavy alloy that will serve as an anchor against Kendo so that she will stay in that place. Of course, Kendo will not be taken down that easily, and Momo might use all her lipid and become useless after the fight.

Whether Momo or Kendo wins their match, it is likely that the second round will be finished this chapter and the third round of the joint exercise will begin. It is really hard to see who would be the winner in the second round. Hopefully, we would see more plot twist in the next round.

The next round will be Todoroki’s team (Todoroki, Iida, Shoji, and Ojiro) and they will fight against Tetsutetsu’s team. It’s kinda hard to know who will win in this fight, as we hardly know the quirks from Tetsutetsu’s team. If their fight begins in My Hero Academia chapter 200, we might need to reread the quirks of 1B to refresh our memory.

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