My Hero Academia Chapter 200 Spoilers – Mushroom Everywhere

In the last chapter of My Hero Academia, we saw how Kendo is really trying to outsmart Momo in this battle. Her tactic is not to let the 1A, especially Momo, create a plan that can take 1B down. Unknown quirk is proven to be a great advantage and Manga and Kinoko, with their unfamiliar quirks, are great examples. More information about their quirks is featured in My Hero Academia chapter 200.

My Hero Academia Chapter 200 – The Hidden Quirks Of 1B

YonkoProd posted a My Hero Academia chapter 200 spoiler, and it seems like we’re getting a lot of new information about Class 1B’s unknown quirks. In this chapter, Manga and Kinoko’s quirk will be highlighted. The first quirk that will be on the spotlight will be Kinoko’s mushroom quirk. Kinoko’s quirk makes it possible for her to spray a substance that grows mushrooms on the spot. Because of this, her mushroom will cover the entire place that even Hagakure’s silhouette can be seen. Kinoko’s hero name is revealed as “Shemage.”

Kuroiro uses to mushrooms to hide and also for the surprise element. Because of this, Tokoyami can’t really use Dark Shadow’s full ability because Kuroiro can spring out and use his quirk. Momo is trying to hold things together and make a plan, but Team 1B releases attack every moment that they get. There’s no time to breathe and make decisions, 1A is just managing enough to avoid the attack.

Manga will now take the spotlight and will unleash the power of his quirk. It turns out that he can use “special FX” in real life because of his quirk. Using it to cut the terrain, he was successful in separating Momo and the others. Kendo then attacked Momo with her quirk, but Momo created a shield just in time before taking severe damage.

My Hero Academia Chapter 200 2

Momo’s classmates are worried because Momo was separated and is being attacked. However, Todoroki will comment that separating Momo is a grave mistake because she is on her best when she’s on under pressure. And that’s it for My Hero Academia chapter 200. Stay tuned for more My Hero Academia spoilers.

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