My Hero Academia Chapter 196 – Shinsou And The Hero Class

The new arc of My Hero Academia seems to be putting a lot of shine to the characters that we haven’t seen for so long. Shinso’s one of those characters and it seems like he will have an important role in this arc. With his new mask, will he be a danger or an asset for the heroes? We will find out in My Hero Academia chapter 196.

My Hero Academia Chapter 196 – The Clash Of Classes

The clash between Class A and Class B started, with Shinso in the Class A team. His quirk lets him control someone who answered him or simply just respond to him. The effect will be gone once the victim is exposed to a great enough shock that will make “wake” him up. This quirk, when used right, is dangerous enough even for Pro heroes. With Shinso’s new “Persona Code”, his quirk is even easier to use, and making it deadlier for both his enemies as well as his allies.

My Hero Academia Chapter 196

For Class 1-A, Shinso was teamed up with Kirishima, Kaminari, Koda, and Asui. He was able to take advantage of his quirk immediately in training. If he’s this shrewd, he might be a problem when he faces against Deku in the future. It is exactly more troublesome for Team Deku that Monoma is with Shinso because he can copy quirks. Since Monoma can copy a quirk, he can be a surprise element for his team. Since the Deku team have the disadvantage of not knowing whose quirk did Monoma copied, it is automatically that there are two same quirk users in 1-B team 5.

The Connection Between Shinso And One For All

One thing that makes Shinso relevant in this arc is his connection with the One For All. Even Deku noticed the coincidence in the last chapter. Deku’s statement, “Shinso’s brainwashing was the trigger that caused me to see the vestiges. Talk about a coincidence. Or could it be…”

My Hero Academia Chapter 196 1

It seems unavoidable for Deku to fall into Shinso’s brainwashing in My Hero Academia chapter 196. If that happens, it is also possible that he will get that one thing that he doesn’t really want to see in the middle of an exercise: another unexplained vision.

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