My Hero Academia Chapter 195 – Shinso’s Important Role

My Hero Academia Chapter 195

In the last chapter of My Hero Academia, it is revealed that even All Might doesn’t know anything about what’s happening in the One For All quirk. In the meantime, they decided to wait for what’s going to happen next. 1-A and 1-B will have joint training, and Shinso will join them in My Hero Academia chapter 195.

My Hero Academia Chapter 195 – Shinso Joins The Hero Class

There’s a lot of speculations as to why Shinso will be joining the training of 1A and 1B. The first is that he has been training under Aizawa because of one important mission: weeding out the bad grass inside UA. For a recap, Shinso’s quirk enables him to put someone in mind control by interacting with that person.

Another possible reason why he was allowed to transfer in the Hero Class is that he might be the traitor. Shinso’s dream is to become a hero, but his quirk seems unsuitable for his dream. It is speculated that because of this, he was convinced to be a villain and joined the League of Villains. Although this reason is the impossible reason, this can still happen.

Whether Shinso became the bad guy or is actually helping out, his character is being built into doing something important in the new arc. There’s a reason why his character is back in the story, and that’s because of the One For All quirk.

The Thing About Shinso And One For All

For some reason, Deku’s quirk started to show him the traces of the former users of One For All when Shinso used brainwashing on him; this might or might not amount to any sense, but this connection seems relevant because of the timing. For some reason, Shinso was brought back in the manga just after Deku had that mysterious dream.

My Hero Academia Chapter 195

Of course, Shinso’s appearance might just be another coincidence and not connected to what’s happening to One For All. One thing’s for sure for now; I really want to know what will Shinso do with Aizawa’s cloth in My Hero Academia chapter 195.

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