My Hero Academia Chapter 191 – Dabi Attacks

In this post, we will be talking about My Hero Academia Chapter 191 spoilers. The manga had produced a great chapter in 190 after a pretty lackluster arc, which included Gentle, who was the gentleman thief. The only thing good about that arc was Gentle’s character development towards the end. Gentle had been thrown out of college, and his aspiration of becoming a hero died with it. So, he turned into a bad and became a villain and uploaded his videos so that he would be famous. The arc was trash, to be honest. However, Kohei has redeemed himself with the Endeavor vs. Nomu fight.

The fight was just too good, and it shows how far Endeavor has come. Endeavor is a really special character; he beat his wife, so not the ideal husband maybe. However, we know that there has got to be a reason behind it. Now, let’s move on to My Hero Academia 191.

My Hero Academia Chapter 191

In the chapter, we see Endeavor and Hawks being confronted by Dabi. Dabi surrounds everything close to them with blue flames. With this, he ensured that no normal person would come close to them. Dabi goes in to attack them; however, he is cut short with the arrival of a pro-hero. The hero is none other than the no.5 pro-hero, Mirko.

Seeing that he is at a disadvantage, Dabi retreats. Then the scene changes to Hawks¬†(shocking I know) and Dabi talking to each other. Hawks says that why doesn’t Dabi trust him. Hawks says that he is disappointed. They also reveal that actually the plan was scheduled for tomorrow.

Hawks leave the place, and then we see that Hawks was appointed to be the spy of the heroes. That is an interesting twist as it looked like that Hawks was actually working with the bad guys. However, towards the end of the chapter, it was clear that Hawks is a hero right down to his very core.

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