My Hero Academia Chapter 178 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 178

My Hero Academia’s new arc is finally getting interesting now. We had a lot of build-up chapters, and even now we aren’t done with that, but we’re getting somewhere. Horikoshi has certainly made the story for this arc interesting with Gentle and Midoriya clashing even before the U.A cultural festival began.

Their fight has been going on for some time now, and while Gentle seems like a troll character, I feel like he’s holding back a lot, and that he’s testing how good Midoriya actually is. On the other hand, Midoriya has shown us that is indeed improving. We saw him use air cannons in the previous chapters, and he is certainly getting better with each passing chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 178

However, it isn’t Midoriya who I’m excited about. I’m more excited to see the true extent of Gentle’s quirk. We saw how he can stretch anything; even air. His quirk is incredibly unique, and I feel like he holding back a lot. He’s likely going to show off his true power at the Cultural Festival. We also got teased about the quirk of La Brava in the last chapter.

So, there’s another ability that we have yet to see right now. Because they want to escape, I think her ability is going to be related to escape. Midoriya won’t be catching them in the next episode, and I’m certain that they would be getting away. We will then shift to the Cultural Festival, which is about to begin, and I think the end of My Hero Academia Chapter 178 will finally mark the beginning of the Cultural Festival.

My Hero Academia Chapter 178

There are a lot of things that I’m looking forward to from this arc. But what Gentle is doing, or is trying to do has me intrigued. I think he’s going to have a huge influence on the story as we move forward. Not to mention that La Brava already got most of his fight with Deku on tape already. Midoriya might get into trouble if he doesn’t report this to the Pro Heroes quickly. Anyway, that’s it for my thoughts on My Hero Academia Chapter 178. What do you think will happen this week? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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