My Hero Academia Blu Ray and DVD Release: All To Know About it

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My Hero Academia movie Blu Ray DVD release date
My Hero Academia movie Blu Ray DVD release date

Whenever we talk about shonen we always get the picture of My Hero Academia in our minds. The reason for this is that the anime series My Hero Academia is so popular that it is representing the whole shonen genre. Everything related to this series whether it is manga, games, or movies, nothing fails to fascinate the fans. Similarly, the news regarding the release of the Blu-Ray DVD of My Hero Academia movie that was released last year has made the scream in excitement. Although the movie hit the theatre and is available to stream on Crunchyroll, possessing the DVD of the movie is still a very big deal for the fans.

The anime and manga series My Hero Academia is one of the top-ranking and since the day it has released it has successfully out shown many other anime series. No matter how many episodes have been released, every new thing is shown in the series always proved to be captivating. The creators released the anime movie called My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. The movie was a complete hit and managed to earn a good fortune. After waiting for a lot of months after the actual release the wait is over as the Blu-Ray DVD of the movie is finally released and will go live to make the purchase.

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About My Hero Academia

The series My Hero Academia was introduced as a manga series straight from Japan created by author and artist Kohei Horikoshi. The covers the themes of adventure, science fantasy, superheroes and belongs to the shonen genre. The manga was published by Shueisha and began to serialize in Weekly Shonen Jump on 7th July 2014. The manga is successfully running till now and has given 32 tankobon volumes to the reader. The anime adaption of the manga was created by Bones Studio and provided to be one of the finest works of the studio. The screenplay of the anime was written by Yosuke Kuroda and thanks to him we get to see all those wonderful action scenes.

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The anime adaption dropped out on 3rd April 2016 and till now it has been collected into 113 episodes. Recently, the manga of the anime has made an achievement of touching 65 million copies of manga sales all over the world. This surely has topped much other top-ranked manga series. All this has become possible due to its wonderful plot that is set up in a fictional world in which everyone possesses superhero powers. However, our protagonist Izuku Midoriya was born quirkless and turned out to be different from the rest of the population. His journey of getting a quirk and becoming a superhero has been depicted in the series.

My Hero Academia movie DVD release date
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Blu Ray and DVD release date

The anime movie of My Hero Academia “World Heroes Mission” hit the Japanese theatre on 6th August 2021 the movie provided to be the blockbuster of the time. At that time, the movies earned $40 million just from the Japanese theatre. On 29th August 2021, Funimation streamed the movie in the United States and Canada and ranked at #1 on the US Box Office. The movie too was produced at Bones Studio under the direction of Kenji Nagasaki. The movie is based on the concepts of Kohei Horikoshi.

My Hero Academia movie DVD release date
Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki

The plot of the movies is described as when a mysterious organization endangers to sweep out all the superhero powers. The fate of the world dependent upon these powers is at a line of danger. Two hours After the civilizations collapsed, Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki decided to work as a team and launch a “mission” against this organization. However, there is something that seems problematic is that Deku is running in order to Murder. The plot sounds so sinister and interesting and now you will get to see it on a DVD that is going to release on 26th February 2022. As of now, the Blu-Ray DVD is said to be available only in Japan, whenever an international release will be announced you will get updated here.

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