My Hero Academia 201 Spoilers and Release Date

My Hero Academia is in the midst of the fight between Kendo and Yaoyorozu. It is turning out to be a rather interesting battle between the two girls. Before we go any further, let me warn you that this post has spoilers and if you don’t like to ruin the series for yourself, then I would suggest stopping reading. Now that we have got it out of the way let’s begin with the post. The previous chapter of My Hero Academia was focused on Yao Momo and Kendo.

These two girls are going to fight each other 1v1. When Yao Momo was with her squad, it seemed that Kendo would easily win. Kendo forced her away from her team. She thought that with this strategy, defeating Yaoyorozu would be a piece of cake. However, this is exactly where she is wrong about Yao Momo.

Todoroki immediately pointed out that Yao Momo’s best attribute is her ability to think under pressure. He even said that if Kendo wanted to beat Momo, her best chance was when Momo was with her team. You might recall the time when Momo was teamed up Todoroki when they faced Eraser Head. It seemed that Todoroki and Yao wouldn’t make it but, it due to Yao Momo’s efforts, they were successfully able to escape and finish their test.

In the next chapter, we will see Yaoyorozu using her wit to get out of this mess. Kendo has the advance in the combat as we say. But, Yao Momo is over furnished in the brain department. It won’t be easy to defeat Kendo but, Momo can pull it off.

If she manages to bring down Kendo, then her team would be in the pole position to win it. It will be an arduous task for Yaoyorozu but, she needs to show what she can do.

The chapter will be released on October 6, 2018. The scans will be available 2-3 days earlier. You can read them but, it advised to wait for the official release in order to help the manga community.

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