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My Fair Lady Explained – Plot Analysis

My Fair Lady is an American musical drama film, directed by George Cukor. The initial release date of the film was 21st October 1964. The film is based on Pygmalion (1913) by George Bernard Shaw. It is produced by Jack L. Warner. Though the movie has earned mixed reviews from the audiences, it is loved by many because of the musicals. The movie has been translated and performed in various languages.  People have loved the movie due to its unforgettable music and glorious images. My Fair Lady is such a popular musical drama that is of great entertainment and combative. When it comes to the number of winnings, it has won eight Academy Awards. Such an incredible win for a single drama!

Many of you still haven’t watched the musical drama film. I would highly recommend you to watch My Fair Lady. Though the movie has got mixed reviews, different people have different opinions. The movie has incredible actors, good musical numbers like “Why Can’t the English Learn to Speak”, “With a Little Bit of Luck”, “Just You Wait” and many more. In this article, we shall cover the plot and ending of the musical drama My Fair Lady. So without further ado, go ahead and check the article to know more about the drama

The Plot of the musical drama ‘My Fair Lady’ Explained:

The main characters of the drama are Professor Henry Higgins (played by Rex Harrison) and beautiful, good-looking Eliza Doolittle (played by Audrey Hepburn). Higgins is a bachelor who is an expert in phonetics. He comes across a flower girl, Eliza whose language is very common. He ends up making a bet with Colonel Pickering to improve her Cockney accent. There the story begins between the two characters: Eliza and Higgins. There are other supporting characters as well who have played their roles at a high level of proficiency.

My Fair Lady Ending Explained

A scene from the musical drama My Fair Lady

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My Fair Lady: Ending Explained

It is Eliza’s ambition to improve her Cockney accent and it sets the plot. Higgins comes with a bet with a newfound friend Colonel Pickering (played by Wilfrid- Hyde-White to improve her Cockney accent. Pickering agrees to pay for Eliza’s lessons if Higgins can transform and improve her speech. It’s Eliza who takes the initiative, who signs up for the lessons at Higgins’ bachelor quarter. Later in the drama, we also see if Higgins teaches her to improve her speech then she will also try to teach him decency and make him a better person. We find Higgins to use harsh words while turning her into a lady where he has previously picked her off the streets.

My Fair Lady Ending Explained

Scene from My Fair Lady

At the end of the movie, we see Professor Higgins visit his mother’s place where he finds Eliza. But Eliza, later on, states that she doesn’t need him anymore at that time. Higgins walks back home and realises that within the days of teaching lessons to Eliza, he has grown feelings for her.

Eliza doesn’t get credits for her success and somehow feels insulted. Thus we find her packing up her bags and leaving Higgins’ place. Now after reading all these, you must be having a question in your mind whether they end up being together or not. Well, yes. Though she leaves his place at first, in the end, she comes back to Higgins’ house and stays there for a happy life. This is how the story ends.

Despite the awful ending of My Fair Lady, it still got mixed reviews from many audiences. The detachment of Eliza from the lower class into someone who gets herself improved in speeches was a noteworthy revolutionary act. You must watch the film to establish your own opinion. It has got amazing musical numbers, casts and acts. I m pretty sure you gonna like the movie. Something adapted from the series of George Bernard Shaw has to be amazing especially when it’s a musical drama. So what are you waiting for? Start watching it.

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