Music Core Winners And Performers That Blew Our Minds

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Music Core is back with its new Episode, which revealed the winners and had mind-blowing performances by many talented artists. With spring, we are getting a lot of content for entertainment, and especially in the K-pop industry, fans are not free as there are multiple, fantastic comebacks always waiting for them every few days. March of 2022 is again filled with numerous such comebacks, and fans cannot get enough of it.

The K-pop industry has surely grown far and wide, and their fans are spread across the whole globe. This is the impact of the K-pop world and their intensely amazing, beautiful, and creative music. They are not just limited to vocals, but along with it, they bring the overall package of all the talents to present their best to the fans. They are good at singing, dancing, rapping, entertaining and whatnot. That is the reason fans are addicted to this highly delightful world.

There are a countless number of K-pop groups with their unique talents. And thus, fans are always excited when they arrive with a new comeback. Fans get thrilled to see it and always show love and support to the idols by encouraging them in different ways. It can be sending them gifts, leaving lots of positive comments, and voting for their favorite idols through streaming their songs and helping them win awards. Winning awards is definitely a special moment for everyone. And, fans are always eager to know who got to experience this amazing feat. One very famous show where they get awards is Music Bank, where they weekly analyze and give awards to the comeback or debut groups.

Music Core Winners: Who Took The First Place This Week?

The most awaited moment of the show was when the winner was disclosed. The nominees for first place were MSG Wannabe (M.O.M.) ‘s “Do You Want To Hear,” Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon’s “INVU,” and STAYC’s “RUN2U”.

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The first place went to Taeyeon’s “INVU” with total points 7,287. This was also the eighth win for her masterpiece “INVU,” and fans were thrilled to hear the result and cheered the K-pop idol by showing lots of love and support.

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Which Performances Blew Our Minds?

This week of Music Core, too, had splendid performances which were beyond incredible and stole the hearts of the viewers. The performers who took the music show to the next level were Solar from MAMAMOO, Kang Swung Yoon from WINNER, Kihyun from MONSTA X, Moonbin & Sanha from Astro, (G)I-DLE, WEi, Kim Woo Deol, Cherry Bullet, Rocket Punch, STAYC, TAN, Ryu Jeongun, Billie, Yoon Seo Ryung and TEMPEST.

Music Core Winners
Solar’ Honey’

MAMAMOO’s Solar performed ‘Honey’ with her powerful and graceful voice. Fans greatly praised her live performance and her vocals which totally fit the title of the song. Along with this, the long-awaited comeback of (G)I-DLE also came out recently, and they presented ‘Tomboy’ in the show. Fans are impressed by the strong concept they bring out every time, and they manage to show a better side of themselves every time.

Another awaited comeback of the month was from Astro’s sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha with ‘Who’. They swayed everyone through their addictive live vocals and proved that they were back again to show their better selves. STAYC performed ‘RUN2U’ and showed through their stage why they are immensely popular. The group Cherry Bullet has been gaining widespread popularity, and they came back with their new song ‘Love in Space’. Their performance definitely brought a smile to the face of viewers because of its Happy vibe.

Music Core Winners
Moonbin and Sanha ‘Who’

Tan rocked the stage with ‘Du du du’. Meanwhile, Tempest, which was one of the most anticipated debut groups, spread its color while performing ‘Bad News’. Ryu Jeongun performed ‘Rain cloud,’ and Yoon Seo Ryung sang ‘Butterfly’. Following this, Billie performed ‘GingaMingaYo,’ Rocket Punch performed ‘Chiquita,’ and WEi performed ‘Too Bad’. Kim Woo Seok performed ‘Switch,’ whereas Kang Seung Yoon sang ‘Born To Love You’ and mesmerized fans with his fabulous vocals, and Kihyun charmed everyone with his performance of ‘Voyager’.

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