Will there be a ‘Mr. Queen’ Episode 21 or Season 2 Episode 1?

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Will there be a 'Mr. Queen' Episode 21?

Popular 2020 South Korean TV series ‘Mr. Queen’ is a drama series directed by Yoon Sung Sik. It only aired its Episode 20 on the 14th of February and as of now, Episode 21 hasn’t been aired. The story has a gripping storyline making the fans ask for more from it. Luckily, the fans did get a spin-off series for the show in the meantime, but even that lasted only 6 episodes. The series is originally based on the Chinese web drama, Go Princess Go and has been a hit among the audience worldwide. There is no doubt that ‘Mr. Queen’ was one of the best shows to come out in 2020. So, it was only natural for fans to want more.

In the modern-day, Jang Bong Hwan is a male chef who rose up the ranks to finally grab a job to cook for the country’s top politicians at the South Korean President Residencies, the Blue House. He has a free spirit, but one day after a series of unfortunate events, he wakes up to find himself in a woman’s body. He was now inside the body of Kim So Yong, a young Korean Queen in the Joseon period. Here as Jang Bong Hwan tries to get an idea of things, he realizes that Kim So Yong was the wife of the reigning monarch, Kim Cheol Jong.

Will there be a 'Mr. Queen' Episode 21?
Kim So Yong

However, him being an easy-going person, he was taken advantage of by the late King Sunjo’s wife, Sun Won. Queen Sun Won wields the true power in the country as she relegates King Cheol Jong to a figurehead as she rules the realm in his name. But, she even faces competition from her own younger brother, Kim Jwa-Geun as he desires to gain power over the country. However, Kim So Yong soon discovers that King Cheol Jong is not how he seems as he harbours a dark and suspicious side to him. He may seem gentle and meek but actually has many secrets.

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Mr. Queen Episode 20 Recap

Cheoljong and So Yong exchange a kiss before they return to the palace to stop the planned enthronement ceremony. As they enter, they are greeted with a near-death experience during the fight. Meanwhile, the ceremony was about to take place but comes undone when they find the seal to be missing. It was Kim Hwan who took it instructions by Yo Song. As Yo Song and Cheoljong prepare themselves to reach the main chamber, Jwa-Geun has a trick up his sleeve. The trick was in the form of Sal-Soo who was crouching at the roof shooting at Yo Song and Cheoljong.

Will there be a 'Mr. Queen' Episode 21?
Kim So Yong and Kim Cheol Jong

During these fires, Bong Hwan returns back to his original body as he wakes back from a coma. He runs to a bookstore to check the changed history of the Joseon dynasty. The major change to be present seems to be, Cheoljo instead of Cheol Jong. Meanwhile, the real Queen So Yong awakens back in her body. Cheoljong fights Jwa-Geun to take back his position and punish his enemies. So Yong faints as she had lost a lot of blood. After a near miscarriage, she pulls through as both, she and the baby are safe. She still seems to have some of Bong Hwan’s personality traits but with time she softens up. Afterwards, we see Grand Queen Dowager taken down from her position as Cheoljong takes his rightful position.

Later, we catch up with Bong Hwan, who seems to be doing well in his time. The police weren’t after him anymore and he lives a peaceful life as his story comes to a close.

Possibilities of Future Episodes

‘Mr. Queen’ is a story regarding a man who transports into a woman’s body and due to this, it brings some comedic themes to the show. But these have also shown to cause some controversies. Despite this, the series is the 7th highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. The last episode reached a nationwide rating of 17.371% which garnered over and 4 million in viewership. The series also became the 5th highest-rated show in tvN’s history. The show also has impressive numbers in its ratings. Mr. Queen has  8.8/10 on IMDB, 8.9/10 on MyDramaList, and 93% on AsianWiki. This popularity clearly shows how, if future episodes were to come, it would surely be successful.

The cast of Mr. Queen.

As much as the fans would welcome future episodes by Mr. Queen, there is a huge problem with this.  The story was adapted from a Chinese Drama called Go Princess Go. And this source does not have a further story for the series. This means that Mr. Queen does not have any further source material to base its show on. Therefore, if new episodes or altogether a new season were to be produced, an original story will have to be written. As of now, there is no such news regarding a script being written. So, we can conclude that Mr. Queen has no plans of returning anytime soon.

Mr. Queen Episode 21 will be continuing with Mr. Queen Season 2 Epsiode 1. Once we have a confirmation on the second season of Mr. Queen, we will share it with you right here.

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You can watch Mr. Queen Episode online with English subtitles on Viu and Rakuten VIKI.

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