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MrBeast Girlfriend: Who Is The YouTube Star Dating Now?

MrBeast Girlfriend
MrBeast Girlfriend

Want to know more about MrBeast Girlfriend? Popular American YouTuber, businessman, and philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson is widely known as Mr. Beast. The online sensation has started a genre of YouTube videos that center on expensive stunts. Apart from his impressive online career, Jimmy is also the founder of MrBeast Burger and is also the co-creator of Team Trees. Team Trees is a fundraiser for the which has managed to raise over $23 million!

While he started playing videos on YouTube at the young age of 13, he soon became a sensational figure after one of his videos became viral in 2017. We are talking about counting to 100,000 videos that garnered as many as tens of thousands of views in just a few days. With this video, Donaldson has become increasingly popular ever since. Donaldson’s main YouTube channel, “MrBeast,” currently boasts a whopping 74.3 million subscribers and 13.1 billion total views. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about MrBeast Girlfriend. 

MrBeast Girlfriend: Here’s What We Know About It All

While many might be interested to know more about the YouTube sensation’s personal life, MrBeast has been dating Maddy Spidell for a while now. The two made their relationship official back in 2019. The YouTube sensation even made a short Q & A segment about his relationship with Missy while revealing that he and Maddy met through Twitter and have been dating for eight months. While keeping their relationship fairly private, followers might have seen Maddy appearing in a few of Jimmy’s videos.

MrBeast Girlfriend

MrBeast Girlfriend

Not only that, but the two have managed to give fans some major couple goals over the years. Once, the YouTube sensation floored his ladylove as he made a video montage that showed every picture the couple had ever taken together, further adding even more to what was surely an unforgettable evening for Mandy. Not to forget how the YouTube star leaves no stone unturned for his lady love. Last year fans saw how he gave Maddy 100,000 roses! Fans could not get over the big moment when he gave her a huge surprise that came in the form of the Baby Yoda rose arrangement complete with her name. She has appeared on several other videos as well. The pair, however, is fairly private and keeps their relationship away from the limelight.

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Does Maddy Spidell Has Her Own YouTube Channel!

Fans might not be aware of this but Maddy Spidell, too, has her own YouTube channel as well. From blindfolded baking, sharing her morning routine to sharing some interesting hairstyles, the channel has a positive amount of followers. Maddy is also a social media marketing manager that adds to her impressive creativity as well. Here’s a heartfelt video of MrBeast and his girlfriend Maddy as they go back in time through this video montage.

She has been sharing her own YouTube videos from February 2021, and she is already up to 13,000 subscribers and counting. Her first video was named Reading Lies About Myself On The Internet and went on to become her most popular with garnering 100,000 views. Twitter has often seen Maddy showcasing her goofy side to her followers. 

Is MrBeast Going To Recreate The Popular Squid Game?

It seems like MrBeast created quite a buzz after posting a TikTok while announcing that he would make a real-life “Squid Game” if the post got 10 million likes. Thanks to his overwhelming popularity, the TikTok video got a whopping 15 million likes, this surpassing the original target. While the online star confirmed that the video had surpassed the target, MrBeast additionally stated that he would randomly select followers on his TikTok to participate in the event.

MrBeast Girlfriend

MrBeast Girlfriend

The popular YouTube star has already shared photos of the hit Netflix show Squid Game replica sets on Wednesday. This development came in after he assured fans that he would recreate the Korean game Show that has been a smashing hit amongst viewers. Fans are eagerly waiting for MrBeast to recreate one of the biggest hits of 2021, and we are sure that the Internet sensation will come up with something innovative. 

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