Mr. Mayor Season 2 Episode 10 will finally see Neil vs. Arpi but this time for the position of Mayor. We also wonder if Titi B. will be around for the battle as well after pitching the idea of running for Mayor. Anyway, recently, on the show, Titi B. heavily pursued recalling Neil with a petition. With the support of her dedicated fans, she managed to get the most votes.

Neil didn’t worry much initially until he realized that he might really fall. But still, with a heavy heart, he decided to answer the problem head-on by letting the recall elections carry on. The only thing is that Arpi, who never believed in him, will also be running for the Mayor during these elections. So we are about to see them battling as we head towards the coming tenth Episode of Mr. Mayor Season 2.

Mr. Mayor Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date & Spoilers

Mr. Mayor Season 2 Episode 10 will release on 17 May 2022. It is titled “The Debate”. The official synopsis of the Episode sees Arpi picking up the fight against Neil for the coming recall election. The first round will see them battling in a televised mayor recall debate.

What To Expect From Mr. Mayor Season 2 Episode 10?
From Mr. Mayor S02 E09

Other than that, the relationship between James and Mikaela has been pretty complicated since the very beginning. James rejected her and then fell for her. But he is still holding onto his ex as well. The synopsis teases that things will become complicated and may end up changing the course of their relationship.

Mr. Mayor Season 2 Episode 10 Release Time & Streaming Details

Mr. Mayor Season 2 Episode 10 will air on NBC at around 8:30 pm ET in the United States and in Canada on CTV at 7:30 pm ET. You can also watch the tenth Episode of Mr. Mayor on Peacock and Hulu right the next day.

Mr. Mayor Season 2, including the tenth Episode, may arrive on 9 Now in Australia once the Season finishes its original run. Apart from these, video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Microsoft, iTunes, and YouTube TV may offer Mr. Mayor S02 E10. As of now, the tenth Episode is listed as the final one for Mr. Mayor S02, but there is a chance that the show may still continue.

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