Mr. Inbetween Season 1 Episode 1: Unicorns Know Everybody’s Name

In this post, we are going to talk about Mr. Inbetween season 1 episode 1: Unicorns Know Everybody’s Name release date, where to watch, and spoilers. Usually, there is not much buzz when we talk about a new fictional show. But Mr. Inbetween has really been popular among the audience, even though the pilot episode is still one day away. This would be an example, that show does not need to have more seasons to be famous, the right story and promotion can do a lot more than anyone can imagine. So, let’s get started with further information!

Mr. Inbetween Season 1 Episode 1: Unicorns Know Everybody’s Name

The first episode of the show, which is the pilot episode will be released this week. The first episode of Mr. Inbetween season 1 is all set to release on 25 September 2018. The show will be broadcasted on FX channel every Tuesday at 9 PM. The show will premiere on 1 October 2018 in Australia, on Showcase channel.

The show can also be streamed on FX app if you are in the United States, using existing TV subscription credentials. Moreover, there are other online portals which provide FX channel streaming service, so that viewers can watch the show at the mentioned time.

There is limited information available on the show, as the show is new. Among the cast members, we only know that Scott Ryan will play Ray Shoesmith which is the main character. Other cast members include Brooke Satchwell, Justin Rosniak, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Nicholas Cassim, Damon Herriman, Natalie Tran, Jackson Tozer. But the name of the characters has not been provided, which keeps the suspense intact.

The show revolves around Ray Shoesmith, who is a lazy and expressionless person. It would be an interesting character, as Scott Ryan looks great in the poster. Moreover, Ray has to run his business, while taking care of relations and his children, and his married life too. Are you ready for the dark comedy show Mr. Inbetween?

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