Venom just dropped an official trailer for the movie a few days ago. It has hyped the fans even further as Tom Hardy’s Venom’s release date is real close. Venom made its first appearance in the Marvel Comics’ The Amazing Spider-Man #299. The character was created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane in 1988.

Venom Release Date For USA, India, Philippines, Canada, and Brazil- 2018

Venom movie is set to release on 5th October 2018 in the USA. Venom will release a day early on 4th October 2018 in Brazil.

Venom release date in India: 5th October 2018
Venom release date in Philippines: 5th October 2018
Venom release date in Canada: 5th October 2018

We will keep you updated if there are any changes.

The movie is being directed by Ruben Fleischer. It is expected that Venom will be one of the darkest movies just like the other Marvel movies such as Deadpool and Logan. Here is the trailer for the movie.

Venom Official Trailer

This is the first poster of the movie.

Venom Release Date
Venom Movie Poster

According to the director of the movie, the story of the movie will be based on Venom: Lethal Protector limited series. This was Vemon’s first solo storyline. It will take bits from 1995’s “The Planet of the Symbiotes” storyline. The mention of the Life Foundation is very crucial to the film. In the Lethal Protector series, Venom was taken captive and then he was experimented upon. This led to the birth of other symbiotes, Scream, Phage, Agony, Riot, and Lasher.

Venom Cast – 2018

The movie is starring Tom Hardy in the lead role as Eddie Brock (Venom). Tom Hardy is known for his outstanding work in movies and he recently earned an Oscar nomination for his role in the movie, The Revenant. Michelle William is also gonna star in the movie. She is going to play the role of the District Attorney. Riz Ahmed is also in the film. There is no confirmation regarding his role.

Sope Aluko is in the movie in an unknown role. Carnage may or may not be in the movie. Carnage is serial killer Cletus Kasady, a sadistic serial killer who was once a cellmate of Eddie Brock/Venom. According to reports, it is believed that Woody Harrelson is playing Kasady.


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