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Top Movies Like The Night Clerk Everyone Must Watch

We have seen The Night Clerk just last year in 2020 but that does not mean that we are over it yet. This is a story about deep mysteries and the genre includes crime as well as drama. The film is capable of giving you a joyride of thrill and intrigue at the same time and I bet you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen. Michael Christopher has written as well as directed this thrilling movie under the banner of Saban Films. But its global distribution was done by the streaming giant Netflix. This film is legit going to blow your mind apart with all the mysteries that it holds within itself. The main plot of the movie is about a murder that happens in a hotel. The prime suspect of this crime is believed to be a clerk in that institution whose shift was during the time this lady was killed.

There is a whole police procedure going on regarding the investigation of who has killed this woman but soon, we see that this clerk makes a special bond with a guest. The movie turns in a bizarre direction as the scene progresses and the characters are developed. All this while, it is shown to us that this Clerk has social awkwardness and instead of examining all the rooms himself, he has placed some secret camera inside each of them in order to keep a check. On the night of the murder, as he was watching the footage of these people, he also sees that a man enters the room of the lady and starts beating her. Soon, a gun falls out in the scene, and the clerk panics and rushes to the room to save her but it was too late. Now, you have to watch the film to find out what happened after it. Well, if you already have and couldn’t get your mind over the surprise ending that The Night Clerk gave you, then here we have wrapped up some movies that are just like it so that you will be able to pass your time.

Movies Like The Night Clerk Everyone Must Watch

The Night Clerk

The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window has recently come out on Netflix, the streaming giant, with pretty generous reviews. It can not be said that people are absolutely in love with the tale because there surely are more than enough critics who are ready to count the flaws in the film. But this is all a part of the release of the tale and Netflix has been pretty generous to us regarding the content this year. The platform has promised to drop out new films every week in 2021 after how rough we saw the previous had been for the industry of entertainment. Coming back to what The Woman in the Window is like, the main protagonist of the film is Anna Fox. She is a child psychologist who resides alone in a Manhattan apartment. She has split up from her husband Edward but is pretty consistent on talking with him as well as their daughter Olivia almost every day. Life is pretty tough for Anna as she is currently diagnosed with agoraphobia. She generally likes to live inside her own apartment all alone and this is what leads her to observe the entire neighborhood living across from her. Anna has her apartment on the second floor from whose window she tries to peep into the daily lives of the people around her.

She likes to watch the Russel family especially as they are new and moved in across the street from her apartment. As for her lifestyle, we see that Anna is an unhappy person who has to take medications almost daily and drinks a lot of alcohol to stay sane. One fine day, we witness that Jane tries to interact with the people in the society and befriends Anna as they have a game of cards over wine. Also, Ethan is Jane’s teenage son who meets Anna and suggests that his father is an abusive person. One night when everything looked okay, Anna sees that Jane is being stabbed to death in her living room. She goes fanatic after seeing her friend die like this and contacts the police who do not believe her. This is where the whole tale starts and you really would have to watch it entirely in order to understand the plot.

Dangerous Lies

This film has been released by Netflix again last year and serves us the same level of intrigue that was put up by The Night Clerk. The plot of this tale throws the entire spotlight on a caregiver. For a while, we see that she has been taking care of a man who is old yet very rich. She falls into a series of lies and even murder when her boss dies but has a vast estate that he happens to leave behind for her. This film has been directed by Michael Scott under the banner of Off Camera Entertainment. The main cast of the film has actress Camila Mendes reprising the role of Katie Franklin while Jessie Usher does the part of Adam Kettner. The whole tale develops the thrill and till the end, we do not get to acknowledge the real reason behind the murder and who has actually done it.

Deadly Illusions

This film has released in 2021 and excels in thrill and drama. The main plot is about Mary Morrison who writes thriller novels and has her own name among the audience for amazing plotlines. She is married to Tom and has two children. Her publisher wants her to write another book and even offers her two million dollars as a front-end payment. Soon enough, as she starts to work on her novel, in order to take care of the children, Mary hires a nanny for her children. Grace starts working at her home but soon enough, Mary starts to turn paranoid regarding her. She starts to have physical dreams about her but could not understand if these are actually real or not. This also creates a divide between Mary and her husband as she starts to imagine Tom engaging in leud activities with Grace. But soon enough, Mary turns to find out that there is actually no person called Grace in the nanny agency who was sent to her home and her best friend dies too. Well, now you have to watch the whole movie to guess what happened. Also, if you liked The Night Clerk, Deadly Illusions will become your jam.

Movies Like The Night Clerk Everyone Must Watch

Deadly Illusions

The Lie

This 2018 film shares its resemblance to The Night Clerk and when you watch it, you will know why. The main focus of the movie is on Jay who has been divorced. He drives his daughter Kayla to a ballet retreat and while they are on their way, the two find Kayla’s friend Britney on the sidewalk and offer her a lift to the same retreat. Later, they had to pull up because Britney wants to go use a restroom in the woods and Kayla goes along with her. Soon, he hears his daughter scream and when he himself goes to examine the situation, he finds out Kayla admitting that she pushed Britney off the bridge. Now, the thing which is bizarre at this point is why would Kayla admit to killing someone. There is a whole set of mysteries in the film which you have to watch in order to uncover what is true.


This film will legit blow your mind and I am not kidding when I say this. We see that a happy family consisting of Ray as well as his wife Joanne and daughter Peri is driving back home after spending Thanksgiving at the house of Joanne’s parents. Now, Peri wants to use the restroom and thus, the family stops at the nearest gas station. She also wanted to have batteries because the music player is dead and Ray promises to bring her some. Although, as he runs out of cash, he couldn’t buy the batteries instead lies to her daughter that the gas station never had them. As the scenes proceed, we see that Peri hurts herself and even Ray falls in a hole and thus the family has to go to the nearest hospital in order to get themselves checked. Ray doses off in the waiting area and what follows after he wakes up, will legit scare you.


This movie has recently released on the streaming giant Netflix and stars actress Sarah Paulson in the lead role. So, the plot is about this lady who happens to be living in isolation in w weirdly queer place along with her daughter, Chloe. She is a teenager now but is forbidden to get in touch with the outside world or even talk to somebody. All she can do is wait for Dianne, her mother to come home. But soon enough Chloe tries to escape the place but Dianne captures her back in. She starts to give her deadly medicines that make Chloe’s legs stop functioning. Many more mysteries are revealed about the past Dianne in the story and we see that Chloe is not actually her daughter. Well, if you are someone who found The Night Clerk an intriguing watch, then I advise that you do not miss out on Run which is exquisite.


This film was released back in 2018 excels in a thriller in mystery, exactly what we are looking for. The main protagonist of the tale is David Kim who lives in San Jose located in California along with her daughter, that is, Margot. Before Margot could enter high school, her mother died. One day, Margot did not come home from school as scheduled and David thinks that she must have gone to her piano lessons. When he contacts the institution, he finds that Margot has canceled her classes almost six months ago. Margot was actually saving the money and has now transferred it to a Venmo account. David gets too suspicious and calls the police to carry out the investigation and find out his teenage daughter. Well, just like The Night Clerk, this movie starts from calm and later develops through the tough abnormalities of a mystery.

Movies Like The Night Clerk Everyone Must Watch



Greta is also a film from 2018 that lays its focus on a young waitress named Frances McCullen who resides in New York City. She lives in a shared apartment with her roommate Erica. Frances is still not healed from the grief of losing her mother just one year ago and is still in a weird sort of a relationship with her father Chris who works a lot. One day, Frances stumbles across a handbag that she found on the subway. According to the ID in it, the stuff belongs to a woman named Greta and thus, she goes on to meet Greta in order to return her apparel. Awed by her kindness, Greta invites her in for a cup of coffee. This is where the whole bizarre stuff starts to happen and the mystery commences. If you are a fan of The Night Clerk, then you must check out Greta too.

Things Heard and Seen

The plot of this film is focused on a couple who move into a dark place. But soon enough, they start to realize that this place is not what they initially expected it to be. Their home is full of mysteries and even is a place that grows a very dark secret. This film has released pretty recently on Netflix and is available to stream on the platform right now. We have also attached its trailer so that you have a better idea of what the concept of this film is actually about. The timeline of the movie is set in the 1980s Manhattan where the focus is on an art restorer and her husband. As they move away to their new home in Chose, New York, Catherine starts to feel the death of the previous owners of this house. She also finds an antique ring that is very beautiful and starts wearing it without knowing what it actually might be linked to. The couple starts to experience some forces around them that and even their kid feels it and begs her parents to sleep with her.

Gone Girl

This film came out in 2014 and literally shook the media with its presence. The tale is based on a novel with the same name and throws light on Nick Dunne as well as his wife Amy. One fine day, Amy goes missing while they are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Following this event, the police investigations start on him and he claims that Amy is actually a fraud who wants to frame him and has run away. Well, this surely was the case until we see that all the money that Amy had with her, gets stolen and she has to now do something for her survival.

Movies Like The Night Clerk Everyone Must Watch

Gone Girl

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