[moved to techglen] Manifest Episode 8 – Point Of No Return

In the previous episode of Manifest, Michaela managed to prevent Carlos from acting his revenge against the one who killed his uncle. Ben and Saanvi learned that there are other passengers like Fiona Clarke who doesn’t receive the callings. Ben managed to get important information from the IT department, but before he can open it, Vance interfered and snatched the hard drive. In Manifest episode 8, the two will finally meet each other eye to eye and work together.

Manifest Episode 8 Spoilers

Something unlikely will happen in Manifest episode 8, and that’s Ben and Vance working together to solve the mystery of the missing passengers and the flight 828 altogether. It can be remembered that Ben reluctantly gave the flash drive containing the info dump when Vance forced him to do so in the previous episode. Turns out the info dump is raw and Vance needs a math guy like Ben to figure out information from the dump.

As per the Manifest episode 8 promo, Ben will be able to sort out the info dump and will be able to decipher the information about the experimentation. Will he tell everything he learned to Vance? Or will he withhold some to protect him, his family, and others involved? Meanwhile, Michaela and Jared happen to stumble upon a passenger who he believes to be the Angel of Death. Will we finally see what will happen when they failed a calling?

manifest episode 8

Meanwhile, Cal will be returning to school once again to resume his study. In his comeback, he will need to deal with the unwanted popularity spurred by the flight 828 mystery as well as the fact that his former friends were now all 16 years old. This is yet another proof that whatever they do, they won’t be able to claim their old life back. Hopefully, more questions will be answered in the next chapter.

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