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What To Expect From Mouse Episode 20?

Mouse Episode 20: Release Date
Promotional Picture of leading cast for Mouse (Credit: JTBC)

Korean drama, Mouse will soon come to an end and bid farewell from the audience. There is only one episode left until the show concludes. Ever since the series aired its penultimate episode, viewers have been excited to know about Mouse Episode 20 release date and what the ending holds for the viewers. Episode 18 and 19 of the show covered many things about Jang Ba-Reum, the killer and the psychopath. It also gave insight into the childhood life of Jang Ba-Reum. We came to know, Ba-Reum is actually the headhunter’s son. But, not many revelations take place about the Oz Organization.

The previous episodes of Mouse only showed the reach and the extent of the Organization. It seems they are always one step ahead in their planning. After all, they are monitoring Jang Ba Reum and Yo Han from their childhood days. Oh Bong Yi also came to know the real killer of her grandmother. Gradually, she begins losing trust in Ba-Reum and gets scared of him. Bong Yi has not confronted him yet. However, someone hits her when she went to Ba-Reum for asking him. The main question remains about the Oz Organization and Daniel Lee. How does he know so much about the Organization and the Predators? Furthermore, he sends Ba-Reum to one of the topmost predators. Is she the one or just some makings of Daniel Lee? Well, Episode 20 will do some more major revelations. 

Mouse Episode 20: Release Date

Mouse Episode 20 release date is May 20, 2021, i.e., available on the coming Thursday. The series first premiered on March 3, 2021, and drawing its end on the coming mentioned date. It’s still a mystery and cliffhanger for many as the ending date is nearer, and the audience is pretty well excited to witness the last episode. Like always, the episode will premiere on the Korean channel, TVN, at 22:30 KST. The series is also available on the Viu and IQiyi platform for the Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia audience and also available on MyTV SUPER in Hong Kong. The series is also available on the Viki platform for the Viki Pass Users.

What is the release date of Mouse Episode 17?

The leading casts talking about their roles in Mouse during an interview (Credit: tVN)

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Mouse Episode 20: What to Expect in the Ending?

Mouse Episode 20 is the ultimate episode of the series that will put an end to the doubts of everyone. All the answers creating curiosities in the minds of the audience will be brought to an end in the upcoming episode. We exactly do not know what will take place in the Episode 2o of Mouse. The creators have done a good job of not revealing anything or spoilers until now. As of writing, there is no news or release of the preview also. However, we can make a good guess or expect what the ending holds of Mouse. The last two aired episode of the show has already revealed many secrets and clarified many doubts.

One thing that is not showed or revealed until now is about the Oz Organization. The upcoming episode will portray all about the Oz Organization and if a single person or a group of person heads the organization. At least, we came to know about the Organization is behind the whole of Jang Ba-Reum and Yo-Han’s life. But, it is not known what did they got with such a thing or their motive behind the same. Mouse Episode 20 will show the motive of the Organization. Furthermore, Bong-Yi and Moo-Chi came to know about Ba-Reum’s truth. However, they did not know about him being under the control or surveillance of someone or the Oz Organization. 

What will happen to Jang Ba-Reum in the ending? It is one of the main questions that will get answered in the upcoming episode. Something unexpected may also take place with him in the upcoming episode. But, the ending will surely be a shocking or a surprised one seeing as to how the series is moving. Furthermore, we get to know about one of the top predator, Choi Young-Shin as Daniel Lee reveals to Jang Ba-Reum. So, what is her relationship with everything? Is she behind the Oz Organization or every murder? The answer will pretty much get revealed in Episode 20.

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