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Mouse Episode 18: Recap, What will happen to Jang Ba-Reum?

What happened in Mouse Episode 18?
A glimpse from the Mouse: The Predator poster (Credit: JTBC)

Mouse Episode 18 came back this week with more revelations of truth and secrets. However, we are yet to get a more detail look into the Oz Organization. The episode also showed how Daniel Lee is involved in all the things. Yoo-Han saves him from getting killed by Oz Organization. Moreover, Jang Ba-Reum is still not behind the bars even though with his confession. Finally, the episode also depicts how Mu Chi and Bong-Yi saw the real side of Jang Ba-Reum. Now, the main question is can they get him behind bars, or will he still roam freely as a psychotic killer. 

The drama is getting more intriguing to watch as the finale is finally approaching, with only one more episode to go down. Mouse Episode 19 got its release on May 13, 2021. The upcoming week will air the last episode, and everyone will get their answers. Mouse Episode begins with a past fragment, wherein both Jang Ba-Reum and Sung Yo-han got into an accident. Later on, Yo-han died for the very same reason. Everyone thought him to be the culprit and got wrongful accusations of being the predator. 

Mouse Episode 18: Daniel Lee tells the truth to Jang Ba-Reum

Mouse Episode 18 shows Jang Ba-Reum in his apartment after looking for Na Chi Kook’s suspect and asking Daniel Lee about the past. Ba-Reum begins confronting Daniel Lee about everything and the lab mice. Furthermore, Daniel Lee also admits to knowing Ba-Reum being the predator from the very beginning. However, he was under the misconception that Ba-Reum killed his own family. He did not know anything about Soo-Ho killing Ba-Reum’s family. In fact, he ended up visiting Yoo-Han to know the truth. Moreover, Yoo-Han had the hands in saving Daniel Lee from the Oz Organization. 

Mouse Episode 18: Recap

Promotional Picture of the leading cast for Mouse

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Mouse Episode 18: Choi Hong Ju saves Daniel Lee

Mouse Episode 18 depicts director Choi Hong Ju visiting Ba-Reum at his house just at the moment when Ba-Reum intended to hurt him. Hong Ju asked Ba-Reum to take part in an interview. But, Ba-Reum said about having an important guest in the guest and refused her. Then, we see how Daniel Lee escaping and getting into Hong-Ju’s car when Ba-Reum was talking with Hong-Ju. Hong-Ju’s visit was only a distraction for Ba-Reum to save Lee. Daniel Lee after escaping, reveals the real identity of Jang Ba-Reum and Sung Yo Han to the female director. She becomes even more determined to proved that Yo Han was not the actual murderer.

Mouse Episode 18: Go Mu Chi confronts Jang Ba-Reum

Mouse Episode 18 shows Go Mu Chi confronting Jang Ba-Reum as soon as he goes to the station. He questions him about the killings while grabbing him. Jang Ba-Reum becomes shocked after hearing the accusations of Go Mu Chi. They began fighting with each other. Go Mu Chi goes in search of the memory card for showing the truth to everyone. However, he could not find the same as it went missing. He thought detective Lee Min Soo stole the memory card. Mu Chi again gets the chance to confront Ba-Reum alone. This time, Ba-Reum agrees to kill only one person, Duk-Soo. He did not mention the others.

Mouse Episode 18: What actually happened with Jae Hoon’s Family?

Mouse Episode 18 featured how Jae-hoon’s family got killed. Soo-Ho was the actual killer of the whole Jae-hoon’s family. He killed Jae-Hoon’s mother because she was trying to kill him. However, his stepfather and brother were just the casualties of the misfortunate incident. Soo-Hoo killed his stepfather while they are confronting each other. However, he does not know about his younger brother being in the house. He set the whole house on fire after taking out Jae Hoon. 

Mouse Episode 18: What will happen next in Jang Ba-Reum’s life?

Mouse Episode 18 did not show exactly what will take place in the life of Jang Ba-Reum. However, he will likely be sent to prison for a lifetime or get killed. Furthermore, Bong-Yi, Hong Ju, and Mu Chi came to know about him as the seven deadly sins psychotic killer. Ba-Reum also states the truth about him killing one person to Mu Chi. He is ready to serve in prison after finding the actual killer of Na Chi Kook. Furthermore, he is beginning to feel guilty and having emotions. 

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