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Most Underrated Anime That You Need To Watch In 2021

Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

The anime industry has a wide spectrum of entertaining series. Going through a bunch of series to find that one soul-touching anime is never easy. Thousands of anime have been produced to date. Above all, when an anime exceeds its popularity poll, it starts overshadowing other anime. Mainstream anime are indeed worth binging multiple times. But, there are some underrated anime that people need to watch. People often miss out on the fun that they have to offer because they have barely heard the names of these anime series.

Finding such an underrated anime might not be easy. While most anime ratings are helpful to decide if you want to watch it, sometimes you might end up ignoring a good anime because of its low rates. Digging in deep to find good anime might not be an ideal way to pass your time. We have collected quality underrated anime for you to watch. These anime are from different genres. Want a change in your watch list and need some underrated anime to brighten it? Fret not, because this is a list that will save you the trouble of watching dozens of anime to discover good anime series that are not mainstream.

Please remember to stream them on legal websites and platforms to make sure you support the makers too. In no particular order, here are fifteen underrated anime that you should watch.

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Cross Game

Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

Cross Game.

This is a shounen sports anime from Synergy SP studio. The anime has a total of 50 episodes, but it won’t be long before you fall in love with this anime, and the 50 episodes just do not feel enough! Cross Game is about baseball, but it is layered with so many other genres. The slice-of-life feel, along with intense game sessions, might not seem like a good idea, but Cross Game does it extremely well. This anime will get your heart racing and then make you laugh really hard. For those who liked mainstream sports anime like Haikyu and Kuroko no Basuke, Cross Game is a must-watch that is sure to steal your heart.

Plot Summary:

Kou and Aoba share a love-hate relationship. Aoba loves playing baseball and also belongs to a baseball team. She is an outstanding pitcher. On the other hand, Kou is absolutely uninterested in baseball. Despite this, he has an inborn talent in baseball that is recognized by everyone. Kou and Aoba’s sister, Wakaba, is extremely close. She is his unannounced sweetheart that often raises more conflict between Kou and Aoba. Aoba constantly feels like Kou is taking her sister away from her.

When they were in elementary school, Wakaba tells them how she dreams of seeing them play together someday. However, when Wakaba dies in an accident, Kou and Aoba decide to team up to honor her wishes. The anime has been set through different time skips as we see a wholesome encounter of the duo through different phases of their lives.

Despite the show’s beautiful construct, I hardly find people recommending it enough. You can stream the anime on Netflix.

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Princess Principal

Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

Princess Principal.

This anime is one perfect example of how anime titles can be deceiving. It easily sounds like a CGDCT anime, but you’re mistaken. There are definitely many cute girls, but they are not doing cute things (at least most of the time). Princess Principal has a sophisticated setup of spies, politics, and the most badass action. Maybe that’s why it is quite uncomfortable to know that many anime fans are yet unknown about it. Princess Principal is not your typical shoujo or shounen anime. It has a great set of characters, each of who has their own skills. If you are into action anime with great CGI and an exciting plot, Princess Principal is just the anime you are looking for.

Plot Summary

This is a story set in Albion. After the discovery of a substance called  Cavorite is discovered, the region flourishes in military power. This leads to wars that ended up dividing Albion into two parts called Commonwealth and the Kingdom.

Years later, the Commonwealth commence a plan in action that they called ‘Operation Changeling.’ As per this plan, they seek to infiltrate the Kingdom, making use of their spy, Ange. Ange specializes in lying and is an expert marksman. She is to take the place of the Princess and take over the Kingdom. However, the Princess instead turns the table by making another deal with them: Help her become the Queen, and she will work as they tell her to.

The anime follows the story of Ange and her team along with Princess as they move ahead to complete the mission.

You can stream all the episodes of Princess Principal on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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Tonari no Seki-kun

Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

Tonari No Seki-kun

Underrated anime like Tonari No Seki Kun need so much more exposure. This is no action-based or slice-of-life anime. It is a pure comedy that people of all ages can relate to. The anime has 12 episodes, each of which runs for 7 minutes. It has a typical comedy routine and yet a strong impact. Anime like Tonari no Seki-kun are stress busters, which is why I feel they should be appreciated more. It has an adorable art and opens up the world of imagination that lives within a kid. I would strongly recommend this anime to anyone who has an interest in comedy anime. Adding this anime to your watch list will never be a decision you regret, I guarantee.

Plot Summary

The anime has no structured long-term story. It consists of a chain of random events that occur in front of Rumi, our adorable protagonist. Rumi has no intention but to pay attention in class. However, she is always taken in surprise and shock by the boy who sits next to her, Seki. Throughout the series, Seki does odd jobs that have absolutely no explanation, while Rumi watches in awe and confusion. We are only introduced to Rumi’s thoughts as she tries to wonder what exactly it is that Seki is doing. Getting caught doing weird things is not a part of the story.

The anime series features Rumi’s chain of thoughts as she tries to frame a story compiling Seki’s action. Takuma Morishige, the writer of the manga that the series is based on, almost feels like a genius. A genius of comedy, at least.

Once again, this is yet another anime series with bubbling laughs that is very underrated. You can watch the series Crunchyroll and HIDIVE.

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Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch


Making a list of underrated anime without Tsuritama would leave the list half done. So what makes this anime so important to watch? Is it a comedy? Is it the mystery? It is all of it that makes Tsuritama that one anime that people need to watch, whether they are into anime or not. Tsuritama has the kind of essence that will make you laugh through its edges and then warmly touch your soul. This feel-good anime has so many beautiful arcs and scenes that it relaxes the mind and soul. It ticks me off to know how this anime does not get as much recognition as it deserves. Tsuritama has exceptionally well-done character development, engaging drama, and finally, a satisfactory end that puts one at peace.

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Plot Summary

The protagonist of the anime is Yuki. Yuki suffers from social anxiety to a point where he often freezes and feels like he is drowning whenever he becomes anxious. He has troubled social skills that inhibit him from making any friends. Additionally, he carries an intense face that often acts like a red sign for anyone wanting to interact with him. He has been traveling from place to place as his grandmother has a job that constantly keeps them on the move.

Yuki moves to Enoshima with his grandmother, where he attends his high school. Haru, an energetic boy, arrives at their house claiming to be an alien. His grandmother lets him in, but only if he agrees to her secret condition. Next, Haru admits to Yuki’s school as a transfer student and tells everyone that they are friends. Haru gets Yuki acquainted with Natsumi, a fishing expert. The trio heads off on a mission to save the world. Tsuritama follows the world that they encounter filled with hilarious events and heart-touching drama.

Tsuritama has a total of 12 episodes that can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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To be hero

Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

To Be Hero.

Remember how most heroes get a glow-up after turning into an overpowered hero? Well, this anime is nothing like that. To Be Hero is an extremely underrated comedy. But that is not all that is to it. The anime features a father-daughter relationship that will move your emotions. The anime has a Japanese version as well as a Chinese version. Many argue that the Chinese version is a lot better. However, it is difficult to find it. The Japanese version will still keep you entertained for the twelve episodes that it runs through.

Plot Summary

‘Uncle’ has a unique skill. He can tell the size of a woman’s hip just by looking at it. A toilet designer by occupation, Uncle, spends his time being a lousy parent and picking up random women. When Uncle gets sucked into a toilet, he receives supernatural powers from the Space Peace Republic Alliance Hero Committee. Now a hero, Uncle he is to return to Earth and save the world. However, there is a little twist that came with his new abilities. Uncle has lost his good looks and turned ugly. Unable to recognize him, his daughter throws him out too. This leads him to live with his neighbor, Yamada.

To Be Hero follows Uncle’s journey at protecting the world as well as protecting his relationship with his daughter. Also, a spoiler alert: the ending will tear you up.

The anime is available on Crunchyroll for streaming.

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Scissors Seven

Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

Scissors Seven.

Scissors Seven is an award-winning Chinese anime. However, I barely see enough people talking about this. The anime has a 7.7/10 rating which looks really nice, but it has been rated by only 9,953 people, which is far less than average. Scissors Seven is entertaining with one of the most likable protagonists I have ever come across. The anime has all elements to keep you indulged: Action, Comedy, Romance, and Supernatural. Scissors Seven features an undercover Barber who is actually an assassinator by night.

I can’t find anything to complain about the series, except for the fact that it does not receive much attention amidst the anime fandom.

Plot Summary

The protagonist of Scissors Seven is Seven. He is a barber by the day and an assassinator by night. However, Seven is no good in his profession. Having suffered from amnesia and has forgotten his life till he was 17. What’s even more incredible is that he used to be an expert assassinator before he met with amnesia. Now, he is conflicted about his job and doubts his beliefs in killing others.

Seven starts to remember parts of his path. Now to learn more about his past, he has decided to join the Killer league. The anime is still ongoing and has a total of 3 seasons.

The anime is available on Netflix to stream.

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Happy Sugar Life

Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

Happy Sugar Life.

Psychological thrillers have their own set of fans. However, how often do we get to see a yandere lead? Happy Sugar Life is just the anime that has a disturbingly amazing plot that never ceases to amaze me no matter how many times I watch it. There is only a handful of psychological anime that are so overrated that they get recommended over and over again. Not that these anime are bad, but there is a whole lot of anime that follow this genre. Of course, creating an anime of this genre is itself not so easy. Maybe this is why some psychological thriller anime face failures. However, Happy Sugar Life is not a failure. It is exciting and has a tremendously charming yandere protagonist.

I’m highly conflicted about recommending it. No matter how good this anime is, it is disturbing. I would strongly recommend this, however, to viewers who love anime that can strain their brain cells. Happy Sugar Life can creep you out, yet have you hooked on to the series. The anime entangles many characters and focuses on each of their arcs. It is well-executed and definitely deserves to be a higher-rated anime.

Plot Summary

Satou Matsuzaka is a high schooler who has slept with many boys. However, she does not feel anything for any of them. One day, she meets Shio, who has gone missing from her home. Satou is overwhelmed and believes that she loves no one as she has started to love Shio. Shio becomes her reason for living as Satou crosses limits to protect her. Satou’s dangerous psychotic side completely vanishes whenever she meets Shio.

Obsessed with Shio, the anime covers disturbing events that Satou surpasses without getting caught. A very indulging psychological thriller, Happy Sugar Life is easily one of the best anime of the genre that I’ve come across.

Happy Sugar Life can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

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Kino’s journey

Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

Kino’s Journey.

This anime adaptation of the Ligh Novel by Keiichi Sigsawa is a thought-provoking masterpiece. Another psychological thriller, Kino’s Journey, oscillates between the concept of what is right and how it is right. It takes the viewers on a roller coaster ride through cities and countries with varied beliefs and practices. The anime falls under the slice of life genre. But, it does not shy away from showing the uglier side of human society. It seems like a fun anime where the protagonist travels around the world. But, there is so much more than just eye-catching traveling and laughs. It is dark and raises many questions in our minds.

Kino’s journey has a protagonist that is neither a symbol of justice nor a righteous villain. She is an observer of the world. Perhaps this why the anime clicks on so many levels with the viewers. The very idea for the viewers to watch the world with Kino becomes an idea where Kino manifests as the viewer, questioning the different ways of life and eventually accepting them all.

Plot Summary

Kino travels to different countries on her talking motorcycle, Hermes. The world where the plot exists has countries that vary from each other a lot. While in some places, Kino witnesses high technology, in others, she witnesses magic. Wanting to learn about every place she visits, she only stays for three days and two nights. She strongly believes that that is all she needs to learn about a place. As she travels, she learns more and more, eventually concluding that there is something to learn everywhere.

For Kino, the difference between countries does not singly arise from their development but also from the different traditions and beliefs. Slowly but steadily, Kino understands the true beauty of the world that lies in its imperfections. Right and wrong are mere concepts that differ from perspectives.

Kino’s Journey can be streamed on Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE.

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Most underrated anime that everyone needs to watch

Mononoke: 2007.

Mononoke easily gains a rating of 8.4 after being voted by roughly 62,000 people. This brings me to state that very few people have watched the series, and among those who did, 80% of them loved it. For Mononoke, its biggest enemy was time itself. The anime did quite well back in 2007 when it was released, but eventually, it was forgotten and overshadowed by other shonen anime. Mononoke (different from the 1997 anime Princess Mononoke) is a masterpiece anime, without any question. Toei Animation has come up with series like Dragon Ball Z and Dr. Slump. Mononoke deals with different stories from different people. Each story has its own plot, but they are all linked by the unnamed Medicine seller.

Watching Mononoke was heavy, yet it ends, leaving you light. That’s the poetic effect that this anime has on its viewers. It’s truly disappointing to know that an anime of such high quality has become a forgotten relic. If you are in search of underrated anime to watch, Mononoke must make it to your list.

Plot Summary

The anime centers around the Medicine Seller. He remains unnamed till the end. The Medicine Seller is an occult who is on the move to kill Demons called Mononoke, which arises from the negativity within humans. To execute them, the Medicine Seller must discover its true form, existent truth, and finally, its reason for existence. Once this has been known, he manifests his Exorcism sword and exorcises the Mononoke.

The anime covers five stories: the story of the pregnant woman, Shino; the story of Kayo, a servant girl; the story of Ochou, an imprisoned woman; the story of the suitors of Lady Ruri; a story of Kiyoshi Moriya, a journalist.

Each Mononoke represents different deep and ugly emotions that lead people to their demise. The anime was an eye-opener and an intense watch that sheds deep meaning of life using supernatural elements.

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